Scott Strickland of Naples, FL, asks:

How do you prevent the noise of items rattling around. For example: > silverware, tools, items in the pilothouse drawers, galley stores, etc?

Ray Danet responds:

At West Marine they sell by the roll (can't remember the name of it just now) a rubber-coated waffle-patterned matting. When you put anything on it, is acts like a non-skid. We put this underneath everything, between plates, pans and glasses. When we're eating we put it under our plates and glasses.

How do you keep items from breaking in the refrigerators, and falling out when you open the refrigerator?

We found these telescoping spring loaded rods that fit in the fridge up an inch or two above each shelf. On both the freezer and fridge we have mounted an eye and hook.

The storm shutters that you mention, do you have them for the pilothouse windows?

We have them for the main saloon only. The house windows are of such a size that we don't need them.

Do you have any covers for any hatches?

We only have canvas covers. They don't need storm shutters because they are on the horizontal.

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