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Boom Down Under
Nordhavn’s Australasia team is tapping into a flourishing cruising scene
By Nicole Williams

Derek Townsend and Julie Nunn, one of the first australian purchasers of a Nordhavn, idle past Sydney opera house aboard Sapphire, their N47.
Peter Devers and David Flynn are the go-to men for
Nordhavn in Australasia.

Nordhavns have become a familiar sight Down Under with many American and European owners making Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands a must-see on their South Seas itineraries. And it's not just visitors. As more and more Aussies get into recreational boating, they're buying Nordhavns in recognition of their renowned seafaring abilities.

Because of their location, Australia and New Zealand play a large part in the world's recreational boating industry. When you're surrounded by the Indian, Southern, and Pacific oceans, you can't afford to compromise on engineering, performance, or safety.

The continuous growth in the Australasian region is evidence of the success of the Nordhavn brand. Since opening is doors in 2006, the Australian Nordhavn team boasts many new Nordhavn owners, with the latest being a Nordhavn 43 at the 2007 Sydney International Boat Show. Among the stars of the show was the team from Nordhavn Australasia displaying the Nordhavn 47 owned by Derek and Julie Townsend. Hundreds lined the dock, eager to board the vessel, proving the extent of Nordhavn's fame amongst the Australian cruising community.

The team also triumphed at the 2007 Auckland Boat Show in New Zealand. Peter Mott allowed his Nordhavn 47 to be displayed at the show, enabling plenty of curious boaters the opportunity to jump aboard for a tour.

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show was probably the largest showing of luxury vessels, with over 800 boats on display. This was only Nordhavn's second showing at Sanctuary Cove, but the overwhelming interest among visitors of the vessel suggests that the Nordhavn brand with its reliable sea performance and attention to detail designs are exactly what the Aussies have been eagerly awaiting.

The boom in Australia's recreational boating market has prompted the Australasian team to relocate to the new Rivergate marina on the Brisbane River. Rivergate is a fully integrated superyacht
marina located next to the gateway bridge at Murarrie.

The latest Nordhavns to be commissioned include Skie (Spending the Kids Inheritance Early), Nordhavn 55 #38 owned by Peter and Margaret Sheppard, who departed for the glorious Whitsunday Islands on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef; Dauntless, Nordhavn 47 #47, owned by Iain and Roslyn Couper, who are planning their first cruise; Barquita, Nordhavn 43 #28 owned by Sydney couple Graham and Margarita Weir, home-portedon beautiful Pittwater in Sydney's National Parks.

Peter Devers and David Flynn are the force behind the success of Nordhavn Australasia. They both have endless enthusiasm for their work, and share a wealth of expertise in the boating world.

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