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Nordhavn 52 - "Sonas"




Nordhavn 52 

Hull Number:                 

70 (Commissioned 2014)     


16.56m (54’4”)


14.71m (48’3”)


4.9m (16’1’’)


1.80m (5’11’’)


40.82mt (90,000lbs)

Main Engine:  

John Deere 6068AFM75  (1441 hours)

Wing Engine:  

Lugger L844D  (40 hours)


Northern Lights 12KW  (1275 hours)   

Fuel Capacity:

6,586 Litres 

Water Capacity:

1,514 Litres 

Holding tank:

454 Litres 

Gray tank:

417 Litres 

Max Speed:

9.5 knots


3,000nm @ 7.5 knots

Asking Price:

Euro 1,250,000 inc VAT   


Ibiza, Spain

Listing Broker:

Neil Russell
email: Neil.Russell@nordhavneurope.com
cell: +44 (0)7793 582 905
office: +44 (0) 23 8045 6342

For more information, please contact your Nordhavn sales person or the office nearest you.


Accommodation & Layout:

At last! Nordhavn Europe are happy and proud to be able to offer a truly beautiful Nordhavn 52 onto our Brokerage books. Sonas is barely three years old and comes with a marvellous spec and some features unique in her build. Her specification will leave most other boats envious and her proud owners have kept her in terrific shape in her short time cruising. Owners are moving up in scale but want to sell before making the commitment so she is genuinely available to start cruising. She is fully VAT paid and of course CE Cat A rated. She has spent most of her time down in the Mediterranean but her owner cruised up to the UK where he kindly lent SONAS to us for the Southampton Boat Show. She is currently residing in Howth in Ireland ready to view. Truly, there is nothing you would need to add to her, apart from personal possessions and supplies, for you to take off to wherever you have dreamed of travelling.  


1 Hull: Arocoat #340 Grey std

2 Deck: Ferro 'Supershield' White std

3 Non-skid: Lt. Grey std

4 Stripe: Black std

5 Bottom Paint: Black std


1. Upgraded main engine to a John Deere 6068AFM75 266hp @ 2400rpm. Transmission to be a ZF305-2, 2.917:1

2. 5 bladed prop in lieu of the standard 4 blade

3. Upgrade from 10 KW to 12 KW Northern Lights Generator with sound enclosure and gen sep muffler. 240v/24v - 50Hz (model # M844W3)

4. Air Conditioning - (230v - 50Hz) Marine Air - reverse cycle with digital controls - 2X 12,000 (VTD 12K) btu for salon, 1X16,000 (VTD 16K) btu for wheelhouse, 2X10,000 (VTD 10K) btu for staterooms -- Total of 60,000 btus

5. Lugger L844D 40 hp wing engine with separate 10 gallon day tank - 24v start and Gori prop. 2 x Lifeline 4D batteries shared with gen set

6. Side Power 24v 13.5 HP Bow Thruster includes: model #SE210/250TC - 24.9cm I.D. tunnel, 2 x #SM896 joy stick control station, #SM897524 automatic main switch/fuse holder, 500 amp fuse

7. Side Power 24v 13.5 HP Stern Thruster includes: model #SE210/250TC - 24.9cm I.D. tunnel and dual lever controls. Replace single jog lever with dual jog lever

8. American Bow Thruster (TRAC) 220 stabilizing system. Keel cooled. Does not include fin winglets.

9. Reverso oil change system - hard plumbed into the main engine, generator and wing engine

10. Lightning ground system with copper plate on hull - #2 wire to base of mast and Forespar wand

11. Mathers controls in wheelhouse and flybridge (included with engine upgrade)

12. CE compliant fire suppression system in lazarette. Pull cable and alarm (FD-600M)

13. Stainless steel tray over the main engine like N5265

14. Both fresh water pumps to be located in the Laz aft stbd side


1. Fresh water wash down bow, stern and engine room. Uses house fresh water pump

2. Watermaker installation at factory - Village Marine Squirt 600 230v - 50Hz with auto back flush

3. Scandvik cockpit shower h/c - #10640

4. "Y" valve at galley sink

5. Upgraded the water heater to a 20 gallon Torrid

6. Fresh water spigot added to the stack base on the boat deck port side

7. Add a second house fresh water pump to be plumbed in line with a selector switch. Second pump is also to have its own breaker on the main panel.

8. Fresh water spigot at the stack base to be on the stbd side of the stack

9. Cockpit fresh water spigot to on inboard side of the bbq consol

10. Boat deck fresh water spigot to be on the port side of the stack


1. 1 x Ritchie compass FN-201 11.4cm card - does not include swinging compass

2. 12v outlet in pilothouse

3. Guest 'Beamer' remote spotlight - with controls in wheelhouse and flybridge

4. LED lighting throughout. Interior/Exterior. ER to have standard lighting.

5. Install (3) SeaVision #SV19 LED underwater lights at the transom. Exact location TBD

6. Add a dimmer to the salon and PH overhead lights.

7. Add a set of shore power outlets at the inside of the transom stbd. side

8. Add a 240v outlet at the boat deck inside the stack, at the FB inside the brow, and in the cockpit inside the bbq consol.

9 Delete the standard Subzero UC-24C-RH refrigerator/freezer

10. Boat deck lights to be Hella LED #980670311. Price includes credit for the standard boat deck lights.

11. Upgrade the boats inverter from 3kw to 5kw 230VAC, 50hz

12. Add 1x outlet and pull coxial & CAT 5 cables to 4 TV locations. MSR, Salon, GSR, & PH dash

13. Lighting plan to be per drawing 

14. Outlet plan to be per drawing

15. Relocate the aft shore power connections to be inside the aft stbd cockpit locker

16. Add 2x extra courtesy lights on the boat deck and 2x extra in the cockpit


1. Ultra leather upholstery (salon settees, wheelhouse settee, stool in GSR) 

2. Ocean Air block out shades to the 3x forward GSR Lemar hatches

3. Salon table starburst pattern

4. Aircraft style latches in the galley plus PH fridge/freeze

5. Central vacuum system like N5265

6. Granite to be #11 throughout

7. Galley and heads to be teak and spruce

8. Salon settees, PH settee, and PH bunk to be covered in Ultraleather #291-5708

9. Interior handrails to be the same as N5265

10. Destroyer type wheel in the PH and angled wheel on the FB

11. Washer/dryer to be pushed outboard as far as possible


a. Sliding locker door above stove in galley (3 doors plus spice rack)

b. Teak/spruce floors throughout

c. Raised section galley counter top aft of sink

d. Dishwasher, Bosch Slimline, Silver

e. All galley drawers to have metal glides

f. Install a trash compactor with a step down transformer

g. Modify the galley pantry to be a full height/full width pull out pantry like N5263.

h. Move dishwasher inboard to allow 3x drawers under galley sink area. Top two drawers to be 6" high and 20" deep. Bottom drawer to be 14.5" high and 20" deep. Top drawer to be roughly 1' wide and two bottom drawers to be roughly 2'3" wide.

i. Change cabinet above galley porthole to a single door, hinged at the top and latched at the bottom centre.

j. Change the standard three drawers between the refrigerator and the oven into one cabinet door, hinged on the right with a single vertical divider down the middle and add a single drawer above the bottom cabinet. The vertical divider is to stop 8" short of the cabinet opening.

k. The refrigerator/freezer drawers are to have a teak face and teak handles like dont on N5263. The refrigerator is also to be installed like N5263. Use standard teak covering but in lieu of fixed louvered panel at bottom, replace with a teak version of the sub-zero vent design. This avoid the additional fixed panel, the louver, and exactly matches the sub-zero stainless approach. ¼” teak pane velcroed on kick panel replaced their stainless plate velcroed in and lower drawer front panel is extended down to 4” from the floor

l. Install 2x 16" teak handles for the pantry doors. The handle for the top pantry door is to be placed vertically just above the push button. The handle for the lower pantry is to be place vertically just below the push button.

m. Add a "Y" valve for the galley sink to either go to the grey tank or overboard

n. Granite backsplash next to the galley refrigerator 

o. Add back in the standard Subzero UC-24C-RH and locate it in the PH aft. Galley refrigerator and freezer to have teak handles like N5263


a. Install a Subzero wine cooler just forward of the salon settee per drawing N5270-ALT-B-01

b.  TV lift 

c. Electric OceanAir blinds 


a. MSR overhead book shelf to have locker doors.

b. Install a full length on the stateroom side of the MSR head door

c. Forward stateroom to be the MSR

d ER door to be covered in teak cabin side only


a. Bunk behind wheelhouse settee covered with Ultraleather

b. Stidd 500N-2x2 Low back " Slimline" Admiral helm chair, Med. Pedestal, 'Ultraleather ' upholstery, powdercoated hardware. (Ultraleather #291-5607)

d. PH overhead to be black

e. Add a Maxwell AA560 chain counter in the PH

f. (3) tier book shelf in PH above the wet locker.

i. File drawer in the PH port side under the settee to be changed to computer locker with a wire chase to the PH dash


a. Add a mirror in the GSR head above the toilet like done on N5265. 


1. Install a Brustor retractable awning to the aft end of the boat deck. 

2. Ultra anchor 60KG

3. 122 meters- 9.5mm HT chain

4. Spurs line cutter on main prop shaft

5. Chain stopper for 9.5mm chain

6. Additional Todd helm chair on flybridge

7. Flopper Stopper System - installed on the port side. Includes pole, rigging and custom plate.

8. Add a SS ladder with frp steps from the cockpit to the boat deck port side. The steps are to be vertical and attached to the port side of the salon bulkhead. The opening of the hatch at the boat deck is to have a hatch style lid. Exact details TBD

9. Fixed S.S. framed bimini top on flybridge. No canvas

10. N52 Swim step extension

11. Upgrade the (2) standard staple rails to the N55 staple rails

12. Besenzoni part #BZ82001013 3000mm folding manual gangway

13. Install a SS plate that is to be countersunk into the caprail on centerline for a gangway socket which is to be in the middle of the plate also nstall a second gangway socket on the swimstep centerline. This socket is to be placed 6" forward from the end of the swimstep

14. Install a cockpit bbq consol with a sink. Same style as N5263 but there is to be (1) FRP lid that covers the top of the consol Console includes the bbq. BBQ to be LPG.

15. Change the FB steps to be FRP in lieu of teak

16. Pop up cleats countersunk into the swim step for dingy tie up like done on N5263.

17. Swim ladder to be like N5263.

18. FB is to be arranged like N5263 with a table

19. Upgrade horn to be Kahlenberg #T-OA (Kahlenberg horn to ship loose. Air hose and wiring to be long enough to reach the top of the stack)

20. Divide the chain locker just like done on N5265

21`. Make the base of the stack at the boat deck to be a locker like N5265

22. Top of stack bracket exactly like N5265

23. Move the horn to the port side of the stack at the underside of the top winglet

24. FB consol to be like N5261 which extends the full beam of the dash

25. Awning to be a Brustor Elite B-25 and is to be installed into the aft end of the boat deck. Awning is to extend 6' 7" aft. Awning to have a remote control, remote wall control, & LED lights. Fabric to be black

26. Delete the cockpit ladder and keep the hatch

27. Add bow tow eye ring

28. Cockpit consol bbq to be an electric Miele #CS1312

29. Relocate the main engine control panel on the FB to the angled dash

30. BBQ consol to have granite top. Granite to be #11

31. Build and install an FRP wedge to be placed inside the awning alcove so that the awning is installed on an angle which enable to awning to retract straight out rather than on an angle

32. Add a stainless strip from the bottom of the bow tow to 1' under the waterline.


1. Handrail overhead at stairs from Portuguese bridge to lower deck.

2. Interior handrails to be decided at a later date

3. Stbd side from boarding door forward and curved up rise in bullworks - from boarding door to 18" short of teak cap rail on aft deck.

4. Add curved SS handrail to caprail - above sheer break, adjacent to steps from PH to main deck walkway (doesn’t exist on the N52)

5. L' shaped hand rails on the port and stbd stern quarters

6. Add 1x N55 style staple rail with receptacle

7. Add a handrail in the cockpit, portside from the teak caprail to the port side salon wall

8. Handrail on Portuguese bridge from foredeck door to port side of railing

H Electronics & Entertainment

1. Furuno TZTBB Processor box

2. ELO 22" Multi-touch screen monitors 2244L

3. Furuno TZT14 14.1" colour LED backlight multi touch display

4. Furuno DRS12A 12kw 6ft open digital array

5. Furuno DRS4D 24" digital radome

6. Furuno DFF1 network echosounder

7. Furuno TDCR525 ST-MSD

8. Furuno Ultra sonic wind sensor

9. Furuno RD33 colour displays  (2 wheelhouse, 1 flybridge)

10. Furuno Hub101

11. Furuno GP33 Standalone GPS

12. Airmar B122 smart depth transducer NMEA2000

13. Airmar ST850 bronze thru hull speed transducer NMEA2000

14. Furuno Navpilot 711 system c/w control head, processor unit and rudder reference

15. Furuno FAP711C control head  (flybridge) New type.

16. Autopilot hydraulic drive unit

17. Icom IC-M506 fixed DSC VHF with HM195 command mic and

18. DNH 30W loudhailer speaker

19. Furuno PG700 Fluxgate

20. Furuno SC30 Satellite compass transceiver

21. Vasari Marine PC MPC477i with remote panel

22. Wireless keyboard with integral trackball

23. Seagate 3TB hard drive

24. Maxsea Explorer navigator

25. Raymarine Flir T453 30Hz 640x480 thermal camera with joystick control kit

26. Axis IP engine room cameras

27. Axis IP HD dome cameras

28. 16 port POE switch and video splitters connectors

29. Vasari iSea DVR camera system and iSea 8 camera DVR software

30. Video to IP Server

31. Yacht Controller dual band system, for control of engine, bow & stern thrusters & anchor windlass

32. Maretron Vessel monitoring system. Inc. BB, Sensors, software and alarms 

33. Tv's 1x Panasonic 39" Viera salon

1 x Samsung 40" UE40F8000 - fwd cabin 

1 x Samsung 32" UE32F5500- mid cabin 

Samsung Blu-Ray player

33. Intellian i6PE 60cm Sat TV ant system

34. Fleet Broadband 250 in i6 dummy dome

35. Smart Titanium MS5/12 multiswitch quad for Sat TV/TV distribution

36. Technomate TM5402 HD c/w 1 Tb USB hard drive

37. Sky plus HD receiver with 2Tb hard drive audio system with internet radio and streaming facillities

38. Pairs of Bose Acoustimass 3 speakers with brackets

39. Fusion AV700G 700 series DVD/CD/AM/FM/iPod/MP3 (Wheelhouse)

40. Pair of Fusion 6" Marine speakers

I Miscellaneous

1. William Jet RIB 385

2. C&J canvas on all windows 

3. Liferaft 

4. Epirb

5. Jonbuoy MOB 


Following on from the ever popular Nordhavn 47, the 52 ticks that last box which could not be ticked on the 47…. the cockpit! The 52 offers everything a couple needs for either coastal or for the more adventurous off shore cruising. Sonas is ready and waiting!!


Listing Agents: Neil Russell / Philip Roach 

Tel: Office + 44 (0) 2380 456342

Mobile: +44 07793 582905 / 07989 852546

Nordhavn Europe Ltd

10/12 Firefly Road

Hamble Point Marina




SO31 4NB

neil.russell@nordhavneurope.com / philip.roach@nordhavneurope.com 


The company offers the detail for this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.