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Nordhavn Atlantic Passage 2017


June 14, 2017

From: Commanders’ Weather Corp
Route: Horta, Azores to Gibraltar
Position: 38 44n/22 28w at 0100utc Wed, June 14, cog E at 7.7 kts
Prepared: 0430utc Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1) Getting thru the Straits of Gibraltar could be problematic
a) typically the lightest E winds are late at night/around daybreak and strongest winds during the afternoon thru mid evening
2) I followed Oliver’s strategy of heading more E towards the Portuguese coast and then SE to the Straits
3) Wed morning will see
a) a cold front near 45n/21w to 40n/31 30w, which will never reach us
b) weak low near 35-36n/9-10w, is moving NNE – conditions are good in the Straits right now
c) stronger N winds start near 15w right now
4) We will have diminishing WSW, W, and NW winds during the next 18-24 hours
5) The weak low pressure will be found between Lisbon and Madrid Thu morning
a) our winds and seas will become N and increase once we are near and E of 15w
6) N winds and seas will peak near 10-13w or Fri
a) once we are E of 10w, Fri night/Sat morning, the winds will diminish
b) there will be a fresh NW sea breeze Sat afternoon/early evening
7) High pressure W of Brest, France Fri morning will move into the English Channel Sat morning – this big high pressure cell will cause NE/ENE winds to spread from the Balearic Islands SW into the Straits of Gibraltar
a) E winds of 20-30+ kts will return to the Straits of Gibraltar during Sat
8) Our NW sea breeze Sat afternoon will become a N and NE wind Sat night, as we pass Cape San Vincent
a) after Cape SV, I have you heading for Cadiz, not Gib, as here will be a strong band of E winds and seas coming out of the Straits. We should try and stay N of this band of strong winds and large seas
9) There could be a brief lull in the Straits late Sun evening thru pre-daybreak Mon morning
a) otherwise strong E and ENE winds are likely from the Straits to Cabo de Gata right thru Tue and possibly beyond

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are true, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Wed, June 14
1200: 250-270/ 9-13
1800: 260-280/ 8-12
Weather…Partly cloudy with SW-W-NW seas 4-6 feet, mainly long period swell

Thu, June 15
00: 270-310/ 5-10
06: 310-330/ 5-9
12: 330-010/ 6-11 near 38 45n/16 50w
18: 360-020/10-15
Weather…Partly to mostly cloudy. NW-N seas 3-5 feet daytime, but building quickly overnight, once we are near and E of 16w

Fri, June 16 – increasing NNE trades
00: 360-020/15-20
06: 360-020/20-25
12: 360-020/20-25, g30 near 38 40n/13 10w
18: 350-010/18-24, g30
Weather…Partly to mostly cloudy with NW-N seas up to 6-8 feet

Sat, June 17
00: 350-001/17-24
06: 010-340/20-10
12: 320-280/ 8-16 near 38 30n/09 35w
18: 310-330/16-22
Weather…Partly cloudy with NW seas falling to 5-7 feet. There could be some E/SE swell late at night, once we are E of Cape SV

Sun, June 18
00: 010-050/16-8, passing Cape SV and heading towards Cadiz. Stronger winds/larger seas S of RL and lighter winds/smaller seas N of RL
06: 100-120/11-17, gusts 20-24
12: 110-170/16-8, near 36 40n/7w, E 22-32 kts in the Straits
18: 090-110/20-30
Weather…Partly to mostly cloudy, chance of a shower or 2. E seas up to 6-9 feet during the afternoon/early evening

Mon, June 19
00: 090-070/30-15 in the Straits
06: 080-100/15-30 in the Straits and 070-090/11-17, gusts 20-24 in the City of Gibraltar
12: 080-100/25-35 in the Straits and 080-100/12-18, gusts 20-25 in the City Partly cloudy with E seas 6-10 feet in the Straits and 4-7 feet E of the City of Gibraltar


June 11, 2017

Summary…For the most part your trip looks to have reasonable conditions. There will be a period of rougher conditions to cross Thu night and Fri though. Strong E winds in Gibraltar look to last until at least next Sunday, then may improve early the following week…
1) The weather map tomorrow will feature a ridge of high pressure stretching from the Bay of Biscay SW to near the Azores, then WSW and W across the Atlantic to the SE U.S. coast.
2) Low pressure will be moving eastward to the east of Labrador and Newfoundland across the North Atlantic with an associated cold front stretching SW to just off of Nova Scotia.
3) With the high pressure ridge in the area, winds will be light to start your trip from the W to WSW Mon as you head out.
4) Heading into Tue, the high pressure ridge will shift a bit east and SE as big low pressure wraps up and heads E and NE with the associated cold front stretching SW with the tail SW end well off to the NW of the Azores.
   a) WSW winds will freshen to the teens as the ridge of high pressure shifts to your east and SE Tue.
5) For Wed, high pressure will stretch from the U.K. SSW to high pressure centered near 33n/29w then more WSW and W from there while the big low in the North Atlantic heads more NE with the associated cold front being deflected off to the NE toward Ireland rather than heading east.
   a) WSW winds will decrease some to around 10 knots on average by late in the day as you head east
       and get closer to the high pressure ridge axis again.
6) Heading into Thu, high pressure will shift to near the eastern Azores and will stretch out more SW to NE and there will be strong thermal low pressure across interior SW Europe and NW Africa.
   a) Winds will be light from the WNW veering into the N to NNE during Thu as the broad high pressure
        ridge will remain the main influence on your route.
7) For Fri, the ridge axis will set up from the Bay of Biscay SW to the Azores and strong thermal low pressure will continue across SW Europe and to the coast of Morocco.
   a) You will have to cross a zone of stronger NNE winds which will be in the eastern Atlantic every day
       over the next week and beyond, in between the high pressure ridge to the west and the thermal
       low pressure to the east and SE.
    b) Winds will increase to near 20 knots on average Fri reaching the mid 20s at times with gusts up to
         30 knots likely.
8) Fortunately it looks like a fairly narrow zone of strong winds as by Sat you will get into lighter conditions approaching the coast of Portugal.
9) Expect light winds along the coast this weekend with strong E winds in the 30s to 40s in Gibraltar.
10) Some of the better long range weather models show strong E winds in the Straits of Gibraltar coming to an end early next week, so hopefully that will remain the case.
11) Seas will be low to start with a slight long period W swell Mon and Tue, then some increasing long period NW swell Wed into Thu up to low end moderate levels, then increasing NNE wind waves Fri before diminishing seas Sat nearing the coast of Portugal.
12) General weather will be fair and settled with high pressure dominating and no significant weather systems/fronts coming through.
13) Please let us know when you’d like the next forecast.
1) Have you heading mainly due east to the coast of Portugal then along the coast to delay arriving in Gibraltar until the strong E winds end there.
2) This timing may work out well as some of the more reliable long range weather models (Euro) show improving conditions Mon and Tue of next week in the Straits of Gibraltar.
3) Some estimated positions listed below.
Wind forecasts
Wind directions are true, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC
Mon, June 12
12: 250-270/ 4-8          approx departure
18: 250-270/ 6-12
Seas 3-4 ft, long period W swell
Tue, June 13
00: 250-270/ 7-14
06: 230-250/10-16
12: 220-240/12-18       near 38 45n/24 45w
18: 230-250/12-18
Seas 3-5 ft, long period W to WSW swell
Wed, June 14
00: 230-250/11-17
06: 230-250/12-17
12: 240-260/10-15       near 38 45n/21w
18: 250-270/ 7-13
Seas building to 4-6 ft, long period NW to N swell
Thu, June 15
00: 290-310/ 4-8
06: 350-010/ 5-9
12: 360-020/ 6-11        near 38 45n/17 20w
18: 010-030/ 7-14
Seas building to 5-7 ft, long period NW swell
Fri, June 16 – increasing NNE trades
00: 010-030/14-20
12: 010-030/18-25 g30            near 38 40n/13 40w
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas building to 6-8 ft, NNW to N swell and NNE wind waves
Sat, June 17
00: 360-020/13-19
12: 310-330/ 6-12        near 38 40n/09 45w
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas diminishing to 5-7 ft, longer period N swell
Sun, June 18
00: 070-090/ 4-8
12: 080-100/14-20       off Portimao, Portugal
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas 3-5 ft along the coast of Portugal


June 2, 2017

1) On this forecast I have you heading along rhumb line to Horta at 7-8 kts
a) there will always be less wind speed/sea state to the E and SE and more wind speed/sea state to the W and NW
b) thought about adjusting your route south about 30 miles, but that will add distance and time at sea. If conditions do become too rough for you, then let’s adjust the route 30 miles to the S
2) High pressure is located near 38-39n/30-34w to 30-32n/58-60w right now
a) the high settles to the SE and then S
3) We will have light to moderate SW-W winds today and tomorrow
a) the N-NW swell will tend to ease a little bit during the next 24-36 hours
4) Little low pressure near 41-42n/51-54w Sat mid-day will become a larger/stronger low just S and SE of Newfoundland by mid-day Sun
a) our winds will increase a bit and also back into the SW
5) Fresher SW winds on Mon
a) high pressure will be sprawling, but centered near 34-35n/25-29w Mon mid-day
b) cold front will be near 40n/40-42 to 34n/60w Mon mid-day
6) Our SW winds may reach 17-24 kts with combined W-SW seas up to 6-8 feet during Mon
a) we can adjust our route further S, but
b) wind speeds and wind waves diminish significantly behind the approaching cold front. If we route further S, it will delay the arrival of the cold front
7) W and NW winds look quite light along rhumb line on Wed
a) BIG storm SE of NS will be moving ENE
b) I think we will be able to beat the increasing winds and seas from this low to the Azores

I suggest another update on Sun or Mon, June 4/5

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Fri, Jun 2
18: 230-260/ 9-13
Weather…Changeable skies and maybe a shower or 2 today, nothing widespread. W-SW wind waves of 1-3 feet and N swell of 3-6 feet, tending to slowly fall and back

Sat, Jun 3
00: 230-260/ 8-12
06: 240-270/ 9-13
12: 230-250/10-15, near 35 05n/45 50w
18: 230-250/11-16
Weather…Partly cloudy with W-SW wind waves 1-3 feet and N-NW swell of 3-5 feet

Sun, Jun 4
00: 220-240/12-16
06: 230-250/12-17
12: 210-230/12-16, near 36n/42 25w
18: 210-230/12-17
Weather…Partly cloudy. W-SW seas combined at 3-5 feet, but slowly increasing overnight

Mon, Jun 5
00: 200-220/13-18
06: 210-230/16-22
12: 210-230/17-23, near 36 45n/39w
18: 220-240/16-22
Weather…Partly cloudy with W-SW seas maybe as high as 6-8 feet

Tue, Jun 6
00: 220-240/15-20
06: 220-240/16-22
12: 230-250/16-22, near 37 25n/35 25w
18: 240-280/11-17, gusts/squalls 20-30
Weather…Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers and possible squalls as the cold front approaches later in the day and evening. SW-W seas 6-8 feet or less and tending to diminish

Wed, Jun 7
00: 290-330/12-6
06: 310-340/ 7-13
12: 340-280/10-5, near 38n/31 45w
18: 350-270<5
Weather…Partly cloudy to fair with W seas 3-6 feet – all long period swell

Best regards, Ken Campbell


May 30, 2017

1) Some change in forecast from couple days ago!
2) We now have low pressure (1008 mb) to N and NW of you near 39n/59-62w, which will be shifting E-SE and SE in next 24 hrs
   a) Weakening low or E to W trough will be near 35N by Wed AM
3) To south of this low, you will be in a moderate W-SW flow thru this afternoon, then diminishes during tonight
   a) Wind to 20-24 kts, possible isolated higher gusts, and 
   b) Seas will be rougher, up to 7-9 ft mixed wind waves with swell
4) As the low weakens and approaches from NW and N, you will see conditions improving during tonight and especially on Wed
   a) Wind down to 10-15 kts or less on Wed, and quite light by afternoon
   b) Less wind waves, but will be larger NW swell
5) E to W trough will be just N of you near 34-35N thru Wed night into 1st part of Thu
6) To north of this trough, there will be much stronger E flow, mainly N of 34 and 35N
   a) Wind into 20s near 35N Wed night,. but 
   b) If you stay near 33N, wind will be quite light, mostly from NE to E, mainly 10 kts or less
7) Trough weakens or lifts more N during Thu PM/night, which the stronger winds to N of you will be diminishing
8) As ridge of high pressure builds more E, this will allow for a light S to SW breeze to develop during Fri
   a) Wind speeds to near 10 kts, and 
   b) Swell from N to NE will be subsiding 
9) You should have favorable/comfortable conditions thru next weekend
10) To N of ridge of high pressure, you will be in a light SW to W-SW breeze thru Sat and Sun
   a) Wind speeds mainly 10 kts or less, and 
   b) Seas will be quite tranquil
Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC
Tue, May 30
12: 240-260/17-24
15: 240-260/17-24
18: 240-260/17-24
21: 250-270/17-24
Weather…fair to partly cloudy
Seas to 7-9 ft, wind waves with W to W-NW swell (7-9 sec)
Wed, May 31 – wind diminishes with lower pressure moving S to overhead
00: 250-270/ 16-22
06: 260-280/ 14-20
12: 250-270/ 10-15, near 33n/56w – heading mainly E
18: 260-290/ <7                      
Weather…Partly to variable cloudy, slight chance for a shower around
Seas 7-9 ft, diminishing wind waves, but larger NW swell (9-11 sec)
Thur, Jun 1 – light winds, but much stronger E winds north of 34N
00: bcmg 070-090/ 6-10
06: 075-100/ 5-9
12: 060-090/ 4-8, near 33 10n/53w – now heading direct toward Azores
18: light/variable
Weather…Partly cloudy
Seas 6-8 ft, N to N-NE swell (9-11 sec)
Fri, Jun 2  - Light SW wind, as ridge builds some near 30N
00: Light/variable <7 – mostly S to SW
06: 210-240/ 4-8
12: 230-250/ 6-11, near 34n/50w
18: 240-260/ 7-12
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas down to 4-6 ft, NE swell (9-11 sec)
Sat, Jun 3
00: 230-250/ 7-12
06: 240-260/ 8-13
12: 240-260/ 7-12, near 34 30n/47w
18: 250-270/ 6-11
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas 4-5 ft, NE swell
Sun, Jun 4
00: 250-270/ 6-10
12: 250-220/ 5-9  near 35 10n/43w
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas 3-5 ft, N swell



May 26, 2017

Summary… All looks good to go tomorrow, Let us know if your plans change and when you’d like the next forecast.
1) Still looks good to depart anytime after the front passes tomorrow
a) could leave in the morning, but I have you leaving in the afternoon just to give the front enough time to dissipate east of Bermuda
b) It also looks fine to leave later, on Sunday, if your plans necessitate
2) A cold front will be passing across Bermuda this evening
a) with strong SW winds decreasing and shifting to the W and NW
b) some showers/storms and squalls possible with this front, which is why we are waiting until it passes
3) Tomorrow it will be clearing early morning behind the front
a) and the front begins to dissipate once east of Bermuda
b) lighter W winds at Bermuda for departure
4) Have you starting out heading ESE to just north of 30n, to get more into the center of high pressure and lighter winds/seas
a) Atlantic high pressure will be the dominant feature between Bermuda and the Azores and it will be our goal to stay right along the high pressure ridge axis
b) the ridge axis will be elongated from E to W along and just north of 30n.
5) After we get far enough ESE, then heading east along the high pressure ridge axis
a) until it is practical to begin to gradually head more ENE towards the Azores
6) Still far out at this time, but likely that there will be more wind and sea state on approach to Azores
a) but we will be able to look at that in further updates
7) Let us know if your plans change, and when you’d like the next update!

1) Starting out ESE, aiming for 30 20n/54w first 3 days
2) then head more direct E and eventually NE along the high pressure ridge axis
3) some estimated positions below

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is UTC

Fri, May 26 – Bermuda, cold front passing
12: 190-200/17-22, gust 27
18: 200-220/20-25, gust 30
Weather…Cloudy with showers and squalls moving through with the front Seas…SW 6-8ft and decreasing

Sat, May 27
00: 220-240/22-18
06: 250-270/15-10
12: 270-290/10-15
18: 260-270/8-13 depart Bermuda
Weather… Becoming clear to partly cloudy Seas…W 4-6 ft

Sun, May 28
00: 250-270/7-12
06: 250-270/8-13
12: 250-270/5-9
18: 230-250/5-10 near 31 45n/61w
Weather…Clear to partly cloudy
Seas…W 4-6 ft

Mon, May 29
00: 240-260/4-9
06: 190-200/3-7
12: 200-220/5-10
18: 200-220/7-11 near 31n/57 30w
Weather…Partly cloudy
Seas…WSW 3-5 ft

Tue, May 30
00: 200-220/5-12
06: 200-220/5-10
12: 180-200/3-7
18: 180-200/3-7 near 30 20n/54w
Seas W 3-5 ft

Wed, May 31 – now heading more direct E
00: 160-180/2-5
06: 140-160/2-5
12: 110-130/1-6
18: 110-130/1-6 near 30 20n/50 10w
Seas…W-NW 2-4 ft

Thur, Jun 1
00: 080-100/4-9
12: 100-120/5-10 near 30 30n/48w
Seas… N- NE 3-5 ft


May 19, 2017

1) High pressure will be near, a little E and a little W of Bermuda thru Sun morning
a) we will be motoring in the midst of this high thru early Sun
b) very light S and SE winds today and tonight
c) little if any wind Sat and Sat night
2) Cold front in NY State this morning will reach Norfolk later Sat morning and will be near 34n/65-70w Sun morning
a) this cold front will bring us freshening NE winds Sun afternoon or evening. There could be a brief, isolated squall to 30-35 kts as the cold front arrives from the N and NE
3) NE winds persist thru Mon in Bermuda, but will start to diminish
a) light E winds Mon night will become SE and S winds Tue

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is EDT

Fri, May 19
08: 160-200<5
14: 200-140/ 4-7
20: 140-170/ 4-7
Weather…Fair to occasionally partly cloudy with small NE, E, and SE seas

Sat, May 20
02: 160-140/ 5-9
08: light/variable near 32 05n/72 30w
14: light/variable
20: light/variable
Weather…Mostly sunny with small seas

Sun, May 21
02: light/variable
08: 290-330/ 4-8 near 32 15n/68 45w
14: 330-010/ 6-10’
17: 030-060/ 8-16, gust/squall 20-30
20: 050-070/12-18, gusts 20-24
Weather…Increasing clouds from the N and NE. There could be a shower or squall during the afternoon/evening as the cold front arrives. Seas becoming NE and up to 3-6 feet late afternoon/evening, easing late at night

Mon, May 22
02: 050-070/10-15
08: 050-070/ 8-14 near Bermuda
14: 070-100/ 6-10
20: 110-130/ 8-12, Bermuda
Weather…Partly cloudy to fair with NE-E seas 2-4 feet

Tue, May 23, Bermuda
02:150-170/ 7-11
08: 130-160/10-15
14: 190-210/ 8-16
Weather…Partly cloudy with SE-S seas 2-4 feet

Best regards, Ken Campbell

Commanders' Weather Corporation

May 17, 2017

Will be fairly rough Wed and Wed night then lighter conditions the rest of the way

1) Cold front this morning from SE of Bermuda to the NW Bahamas
  a) trough then extends down to west-central Cuba
  b) lots of showers/t-storms along the trough/front
  c) the activity is all SE and E of Florida
2) High pressure over South Carolina coming E
3) On Wed, high pressure will lie between North Carolina and Bermuda
  a) front will be across the central Bahamas and to east-central Cuba
  b) again, lots of showers/t-storms/squalls along the boundary across central and eastern Cuba and extending to the ENE thru the central and eastern Bahamas
4) Generally fair weather around and off Florida thru the NW Bahamas and extending NE and ENE
5) Tighter gradient between the high to the NE and the lower pressure to the S and SE will result in a stronger E wind on Wed
  a) E to ESE wind of 13-18 kts early morning Wed
  b) flow increases to 16-22 kts with a few higher gusts during the day
6) With the strengthening wind, seas come up to 5-6 feet
  a) will become rather choppy
7) By Thurs, high pressure will be elongated E-W around Bermuda
  a) the high will be nosing W towards the Carolinas
  b) remains of front will be stalled across the central Bahamas where showers/t-storms will continue
8) ESE wind on Thurs will come down some as you get further NE
9) During Fri, the high continues close to Bermuda
  a) it will still ridge W towards the Carolinas
  b) lightest winds will be around the ridge
10) So, expect much lighter conditions Fri
  a) wind ESE, mostly 7-12 kts
  b) seas diminish to 2-4 ft and we are generally on a rhumb line to Bermuda
11) Pattern will continue to feature high pressure close to Bermuda over the weekend
  a) light winds both Sat and Sun and seas will be small

Routing…Have you coming more N to get into lighter conditions, less headwinds, and less sea-state -
To near 28n/79w to 29 30n/78w then to 31n/74 30w to Bermuda - Some estimated positions below

Wind forecasts
Wind directions are TRUE, wind speed in kts, and time is EDT
Wed, May 17 
02: 100-120/12-17
08: 100-120/13-18 if departing
14: 100-120/16-22
20: 090-110/17-24, g27
Weather…Fair to Partly cloudy
Seas building to 5-6 ft – E swell and wind wave

Thu, May 18
02: 090-110/17-22, g25
08: 090-110/13-18 near 29 30n/78w
14: 090-110/12-17
20: 100-120/12-17
Weather… Fair to partly cloudy
Seas 4-6 ft day, 3-5 ft night – E to ESE swell

Fri, May 19
02: 110-130/11-16
08: 110-130/ 7-12 near 31n/74 30w
14: 120-140/ 7-12
20: 130-150/ 8-13
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas come down to 2-4 ft – ESE swell

Sat, May 20
02: 130-150/ 6-11
08: 130-160/ 6-11 near 31 30n/70 30w
14: 110-140/ 6-11
20: 090-110/ 5-10
Weather…Fair to partly cloudy
Seas 2-3 ft – ESE swell

Sun, May 21
02: 130-150/ 5-10
08: 020-040/ 5-10
14: 340-360/ 5-10 near Bermuda
20: 040-060/ 6-11 Bermuda
Weather…Partly cloudy
Seas 2-3 ft 

May 15, 2017

1) The current weather map features a very late season Noreaster off of the coast of New England, about 50 miles SE of Cape Cod, MA with a cold front stretching SW to near the northern Florida coast.
a) This low is moving very slowly and will stall for a time later today.

2) High pressure is centered around 24n/55w in the NW Atlantic and is stretched out somewhat from west-east with the western end of the ridge across the SE Gulf of Mexico and NW Caribbean.

3) Another high is centered across Newfoundland and Labrador stretched out north-south.

4) Weak and broad high pressure is across the Midwest to Deep South regions of the U.S.

5) A front with a couple of low pressure waves along it is across the northern to southern Great Plains region and stretching up into western Canada.  

6) Heading into Mon, the Noreaster will intensify and move only very slowly into the Gulf of Maine with high pressure in the NW Atlantic shifting eastward and also shifting east of Newfoundland and weak and broad high pressure will remain across the central to eastern U.S.

7) Rough conditions will continue along and off the northern Mid Atlantic and New England coasts with strong NW winds in the 20s to lower 30s sustained with higher gusts, but conditions will improve from Cape Hatteras southward by early Mon.

8) The big low will finally depart eastward into Tue passing south of Nova Scotia with the associated cold front heading east across the NW Atlantic and high pressure will build to and along the east coast of the U.S. stretching SE out to the NE of the Bahamas and low pressure will develop across the northern Great Plains region of the U.S.

9) For Wed, the low will wrap northward to across Newfoundland and Labrador with the southern end of the cold front weakening and washing out well NE of the Leeward Islands and high pressure will stretch out west-east from the SE U.S. coast toward Bermuda – a much more summerlike weather pattern!

10) Low pressure will continue to strengthen across the Great Plains region of the U.S. as well on Wed. 
a) This looks to be the best day between the 17th-20th to depart with the lightest winds off Florida and toward Bermuda the following few days.

11) Heading into Thu, the high pressure ridge will remain from the interior SE U.S. to near Bermuda and then more ESE from there and a slow moving cold front will head E and SE across Canada to the Great Plains region with a series of lows moving along it while general low pressure in the Caribbean to the south becomes more defined.
a) E trades will increase up to 18-25 knots along and east of the Florida coast to north of the Bahamas due to the better defined low in the central or western Caribbean.

12) For Fri, the high pressure ridge will move/change very little and the cold front moving across Canada will head slowly SE across New England with the western end of the front hanging up across the Midwest region of the U.S. and another big high pressure ridge stretching west-east across Canada north of the front while the low in the Caribbean moves WNW some.
a) It looks like trade winds will increase to 20-30 knots with rough conditions around Florida to north of the Bahamas for Fri, so the pattern will worsen through the week.

13) For Sat, similar strong trades look to be in the cards.

14) By leaving Wed you will be able to get NE away from the deteriorating weather pattern where the high pressure ridge will hold through the end of the week and into next weekend.

15) We will plan to prepare a full detailed forecast and routing on Tuesday for you.



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