"Adventure" N62-22 - David and Karen Crannell

April 29, 2006

Desi just left to return home to Brandon near Tampa. Desi is the
assistant to the Music Director at our Church in Brandon. She really
enjoyed her time this week aboard Adventure. She did a number of
snorkels around Grand Cayman and got to see the cruise ship shops
one day. Dan and Desi's son Matt arrived yesterday from just finishing
exams at U of Fla. We immediately did two good dives off of the 7 mile
beach area. We did Bonnie's Arch which was good and Anglefish reef
which was very good. Saw a turtle at one site and a huge crab at the
other plus each site had thousands of fish and the crystal clear water
the Caymans are famous for, beautiful high coral and the wall.

We did another round of grocery shopping today. The food is about twice the
cost in the US. The store is very well stocked and very close to where we
take the dingy ashore at the Lobster Pot restaurant next to the Burger King.

Saw some fishermen cleaning their catch this morning and when we returned
from the store, tarpon were cruising the area eating the scraps. Lots of
tarpon around this island.

We'll do two dives today then check out of Grand Cayman and do an overnight
cruise 80 miles to Cayman Brac. Because we are going after hours we are
having to pay overtime fees for checking in and out. About $90 each way.
We'll get our spear guns back today then give them up at Cayman Brac. We'll
be there for a couple of days then head to the Dry Tortugas and then Key
West. Nothing more has broken although the one working watermaker is acting
strange. Other than the watermaker and inverter all is well. We figured out
how to get the inverter fixed and the Tampa service center seems very
familiar with our inverter so I feel better about that issue. We have
scheduled for the watermaker folks to visit Adventure in Ft Lauderdale and
for the main engine and generator folks to also visit, so we have all the
current problems covered. The market is doing well which helps with these
extra costs.

Have not found any marinas in the Keys other than Key West that can handle a
vessel with our draft so we'll continue to anchor out after Key West to Ft

We'll do a deep wall dive this morning then a more shallow dive after that.
The Admiral has not yet decided if she'll dive today. The wind is blowing a
good bit today which discourages her.

No cruise ships in today as it is Saturday and all the cruise ship tour
operators take the day off and the place closes down. Lots of passengers
going through the airport though. They recommend getting to the airport 3
hours ahead due to the overcrowding at the airport.

April 27, 2006

Today we made up for missing some diving days. We moored last
night off of Sting Ray City and spent the night on a dive mooring.
It was a little rough when the tide changed direction but not too too
bad. Tonight we are doing the same thing on the east end of Grand
Cayman Island. We have done three dives so far today with a night
dive yet to come. We will do the night dive right off the back of Adventure.
We are moored at a place called Babalon, a spectacular wall diving
location away from most divers. In fact, we have not seen any divers
today even though the sea is flat here, which is unusual for this area.
We'll head back to Grand Cayman Harbor early tomorrow and anchor
again. Matthew, Dan and Dezi's son arrives tomorrow mid-day after finishing
his 3rd year of mechanical engineering at the U of Fla. We'll do a couple of
dives tomorrow and Saturday afternoon. If we can get the check in and out
straight, we'll do an overnighter to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to do
some diving there for two days then onto Dry Tortugas and Key West. Dezi
leaves Saturday to return to Tampa. Dan and Matthew will crew with us to Key

The wall dives are really cool. You swim out to the edge in 50 ft of water
and the bottom just falls away to 1000ft or more into a dark blue color. In
some places the wall is perfectly vertical. Lots of life along the wall and
with the great visibility here. There's actually lots of light to see
things. Bigger fish swim along the wall.

The Admiral did another dive, this time to 40 ft. She held onto the mooring
line which helped in building up her confidence. She is enjoying diving and
proud that she is overcoming her fear. She generally ends the dive due to
being cold. She is wearing a shorty wet suit that fits me and is too loose
on her.

We are moored in one of the most beautiful anchorages we have ever been to.
The water is all shades of blue as it goes from the beach to 1000 ft deep
within 1/4 mile. We are moored right on the edge of the drop off on a double
pin mooring used by the liveaboard boat Cayman Aggressor. The moorings for
the Cayman Aggressor are all over the islands, and since there is only one
Aggressor, we have no trouble getting a double pin mooring that is strong
enough to hold a heavy boat like Adventure. The Aggressor is 110 ft so she
is much heavier than Adventure. We have a dive book that tells us where the
moorings are and if they are double or single pin. Since the Caymans are off
the beaten path for cruising yachts, the moorings are almost always empty.
The only users are the local dive boats. The moorings make the diving from
your own boat more fun because when you tie up to one, you know you are in
the right place for a good dive. The dive book describes each location and
rates them 1 to 5 stars both for diving and snorkeling which makes choosing
where to go easier. Tom Davidson also gave us lots of advice.

We have a treat tonight suggested by the Admiral: hot dogs (Oscar Meyer in
honor of SEC's VP of Sales Scott Warbritton), baked beans and corn on the
cob followed by some jello/whipped cream and cookies. No beer or alcohol
because we'll be doing the night dive. Pretty good stuff.

So today was as good as it gets. Beautiful place, great company, terrific
diving, great weather. The only negative was that the 400 GPD water maker
stopped working this morning so we are back to one water maker. I might know
what the problem is.

Ah, there's a great sunset right now!

April 26, 2006

Our new crew, Dan Palmer and his wife Desi, arrived right on
time last night. They had hardly any wait getting through customs.
They are celebrating both of their 50th birthdays. Dan is a big time
SCUBA diver. We did two dives today, one a deep dive at Tarpon
Alley to 100ft and to the wall and the second at Sting Ray City in
12 ft. Sting Ray City we did with the girls, Karen did her 3rd dive
of this trip, she is getting more comfortable underwater. We fed the
Sting Rays and other fish some of the tuna we caught in Panama.
We had thawed it and it was not good to eat anymore but was great
fish food. The fish and sting rays get all over you trying to eat. The
bigger fish spend most of their time scaring away the little fish so
they can eat the most. I tried to scare one of the big bullies away
but he outflanked me and got back to the food. The big guy was

We went grocery shopping yesterday. The Caymans have no sales tax, income or
property tax. Wonder how they get money? They put duty on all items brought
onto the island. That is why gas is $5.00 per gallon. Our grocery bill for
what would cost $20 at home was $455 in US dollars. Beer was $60 US per case
of 24 bottles. So consuming is very expensive here.

We were moored yesterday and were told by the owners of the mooring that we
must leave so we anchored between a Disney cruise ship and a Royal Caribbean
ship. The wind shifted and the Disney ship apparently was not watching what
was going on and the blew over very close to us. The Royal Caribbean ship
called the Disney ship to tell them to watch it. The Disney ship then used
its thruster to move away from us. I was watching and listening to the whole
thing getting somewhat concerned but all turned out well.

We were awaken today by the wake of the boats going to the latest cruise
ships. We were near their anchorage point so they came right near us going
from the ship to shore.

Saw a school of Tarpon in Tarpon Alley on our deep dive. The Tarpon would
let you get within 4 ft of them before calmly swimming off. Saw some nice
grouper but no sharks.

April 24, 2006

Things got better today. We were able to fix the one broken water
maker so now both are working. The one we fixed is making 3 1/2
times as much water per hour as the other one so we are in much better
shape. The generator is working nicely, so as long as it continues to do so
we are in great shape. It has cooled off from highs of 90 to highs of 85 so
we are able to not run the generator at night which will help it survive.

After fixing the water maker, replacing some lights, replacing some latches
for hatches, we were off diving. The Admiral did not like the way I was
driving the dingy so she returned to Adventure prior to the first dive via
walking the beach. My driving improved and she went on our second dive at
Eden Rocks the same place we did our night dive. She really enjoyed the dive
even if she was really scared. We held hands and she made it through until
she got too cold. We saw three 100lb tarpon on the dive and hundreds of
tropical fish. Bob and I dove on a busted up old wreck for our first dive.
It was a good dive - Bob gave it a 8.5 and I gave it a 7.5, saw lots of fish
and the broken up remains of an old wreck.

Our new crew arrive tomorrow from Tampa, they are friends from our Church
in Brandon. The husband is a diver so we'll do lots of diving. We may move
Adventure around to various sites. Their son arrives Friday and we'll head
Saturday to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac for more diving before heading to
the Dry Tortugas May 1 or 2. We'll arrive Key West May 5th. Made
arrangements for some work on the water makers in Ft. Lauderdale when we
arrive there May 15th. Have to make several more appointments for folks to
do work while we are in Ft Lauderdale. We plan to do that tomorrow as well
as grocery shop and do internet stuff so it will be a busy day. Our guests
arrive at 713PM.

April 23, 2006 - Part II

Miracles never cease! The Admiral went SCUBA diving. She has been certified
for a long time but has not wanted to dive. She decided to give it a try
today and did very well. We did two dives with the Admiral, one off the back
of Adventure and another off of Hammerheads restaurant. The dive off of
Hammerheads was really good because we saw a pod of 100lb tarpon fish. The
restaurant feeds the tarpon at night and they hang around all day waiting.
The tarpon would get within 15 ft of us. We all liked that. We also saw a
flounder, has two eyes that swevel 360 degrees, they can see you when you
are behind them! They also change colors to blend into their surroundings.

We all then treated ourselves to dinner at Burger King. Good old junk food -
got to have some once in awhile. Bob and I then did a night dive, his first.
We dove Eden Rocks which are right next to the harbor at Grand Cayman. Was a
great dive, we saw hundreds of shrimp, their eyes glow when your light
shines at them. Saw four lobsters feeding at night. They are out of season
so we could not catch them. The highlight was seeing an octopus, a big one
about 5 ft in total length. It let us watch it for 5 minutes before leaving
us in a cloud of ink. It also changed colors for us going from an aqua color
to a rust color as it changed surroundings. Its tentacles were moving all
the time, I guess looking for food. I gave the dive a 10 and Bob's technique
an 8. Great first night dive for Bob.

Tomorrow we'll continue to work on Adventure and do some more dives, had no
success today at getting the second water maker back together. It has a
keyed shaft that fits the electric motor and pump together and it is very
difficult to get them to mesh together with the key inplace. Have to change
oil in main engine and gen set plus other odds and ends. The gen set keeps
chugging along so hopefully it will continue to do so. We were able to
completely fill our water tank last night which was good. Weather was good
today but wind was blowing 15 to 20 kts from the east hopefully it will be
less the next few days.

April 23, 2006

The Admiral has returned and she immediately began whipping
the crew into shape. We are better behaved and more disciplined now.

Karen had a great visit with her daughters and Ryne. All went well. Ryne is
talking up a storm and sent the Admiral back with a signed picture. He knows
how to spell his name although his writing script needs more work.

We still have one good water maker and one OOC and one good inverter and one
bad. Many parts came aboard with the Admiral. Rob and Todd got off with no
problems. The airport here is way over capacity. There are plans for a big

Karen has an open mind about trying SCUBA again. She is certified but not
comfortable with it. She wants to do Sting Ray City in Scuba.

Our new friends, the Davidsons from Cincinnati, took us to the airport and
to dinner last night. Had Wahoo, the best tasting fish in the ocean in my
humble opinion. The Davidsons took us to their apartment right on 7 mile
beach. It's really nice. They bought a new unit after riding out Hurricane
Ivan in their first floor condo by getting on top of the counter tops due to
4-ft of water in the condo. Their new place is right on the beach on the
second floor!

Lots of boat projects and stuff to do. Got the boat all cleaned inside for
the return of the boss. She was pleased.

April 21, 2006

We had a quiet day today. I spent the time trying to fix the inverter with
no success. The inverter takes DC power from the battery and turns it into
AC power like you have at home to run many things aboard. The inverters are
used when ever we are not on shore power and do not have the generator
running. We have to send the 100lb inverter to a repair facility. Have to
package it properly so it does not get destroyed in transit. We had hoped
Trace Inverter would have a unit we could swap but no such luck. They also
do not have a new unit like ours in stock, so fixing ours is the answer.
We'll work out the details over the next few days, as long as our generator
keeps working it is a non issue. If the generator stops then we have a
problem - still one we can deal with.

We did get one water maker working but not making much water, 9 gallons per
hour when it should be making 15. We'll try cleaning this unit. Karen is
bringing the parts we need to fix what we know is wrong with the other water
maker. Hopefully when we get the parts we can get that unit working.

The crew helped fix stuff this morning, cleaning the sea chest and repairing
the dingy stern light while helping with the inverter. I spent lots of time
on the sat phone with the inverter company. The sat phone is expensive and
poor quality, sort of like lots of US made cars. It does get the job done
eventually after lots of redials. The crew went for a walk along 7 mile
beach. They had $20 pina coladas at the Ritz. They felt the prices were
ridiculous. The Ritz is over the top for this area. Traffic was terrible,
but the beach is beautiful. We had our farewell dinner ashore and got to bed
early for a 7AM wake up to clean up Adventure prior to departure.

Karen arrives tomorrow and Todd and Rob leave. It will be nice to have Karen
back aboard. It has been nice to have Todd, my son-in-law aboard as well as
his cousin Rob. Bob will be staying aboard until June 3rd.

Had a windy day today, some clouds, not as nice as it has been. Only one
cruise ship in today and none tomorrow. They do their turn arounds on the

Glad the stock market is doing so well. Kind of strange given the price of
oil but we'll take it. Our families are doing well and we thank God for

April 20, 2006

Today was one of the not fun days. We worked on fixing major
broken stuff with little success. We were able to get one watermaker
making 9 gallons per hr of water, will take 15 hrs to make what we use
in a day. Fortunately orunfortuantely our broken inverter which makes
110v and 220 v power when we are not running the generator
or hooked to shore power could not be fixed. We have one more thing to
try tomorrow before having to send the unit back to the factory in
Washington State, a long process. Possibly the factory will ship out a
refurbished unit so we'll have a quick turn around. So the
generator will be running a lot which will allow us to run the watermaker a
lot. The second watermaker has one problem that we found. We ordered the
parts to fix that problem and hopefully Karen will get them tomorrow. If not
we'll try to get those parts to our new crew to bring next week. We also
cleaned the big dingy with a chemical cleaner with good results, cleaned the
waterline and polished the stainless fittings that needed it, so the boat
looks good.

We'll give the inverters one more shot tomorrow, then give up. May see if we
can connect the working watermaker to the bigger membranes so we get more
water. Have some more cleaning to do. We have to move to another mooring
tomorrow as the owner of this mooring is returning.

ope to do a dive or two and some beaching it tomorrow.

Karen will be returning to Adventure Saturday and Todd and Rob will leave
Saturday, new crew arrive Tuesday and the following weekend. We may head to
Cayman Brac and Little Cayman for some diving on our way to Florida.

My daughter Chole likes her new job as an intervention teacher with
preschoolers in Philly.

Had 6 big cruise ships in today, it makes this small island a zoo.

April 19, 2006

We arrived in Grand Cayman Monday afternoon. Since then we have done four
dives and drunk some beers and eaten three expensive dinners ashore.
Two of the dives were Wall Dives where we go to a drop off and go down to
100 ft then back to the dingy. The bottom goes from about 80 to 6000 ft
instantly. The visibility here in the Caymans is really good. Lots of
divers. They have installed mooring buoys to tie up to and also to mark the
good spots so it is relatively easy to find good dive spots. The water is 80
which is really nice, a little cool but that is not all bad. We were told
today it is against the law to wear gloves while diving because with gloves
one is more likely to touch the environment. We did one dive without gloves
and it was noticeably cooler. Back with the gloves from now on. Saw two sea
turtles on a dive today - that is our highlight so far. Have not seen any
big fish.

One of our sailplan friends, George from Cincinnati, put us in touch with
friends of theirs here and we went to dinner with them last night and diving
today. They are taking the departing crew to the airport Saturday and me to
pick up Karen Saturday. Then we'll visit their house Saturday and go to

Things are very expensive here: a gallon of fuel is $5.00 US, amazing! The
Cayman dollar cost $1.25 US so things are automatically 25% more expensive.
The food and drinks out are very expensive.

Last time I was here was 1994 and how much things have changed is truly
amazing. Condos and hotels everywhere, many new developments mostly owned by
Americans. Not much of a boating place for locals, some boats but not too
many. Lots of boats and vessels for cruise ship tourists...had 6 cruise
ships here yesterday and 4 today - the big ones with 2500 passengers each!

Weather has been good, getting to 90 during day and 70s at night.

That is all the good news. The bad news is that both our water makers are
not working. We'll spend tomorrow trying to get one or both working. We can
take on water at the pier if needed. Water cost .03 per gallon, not
expensive for the boat but our new friends spend $450 US per month for their
water bill! All water is made from sea water - very few wells.

We have been on a mooring instead of at anchor. Woke up this morning to the
banging of the metal mooring against the hull rails. We messed with that
from 6 to 7 AM and that was the start of a day where the second water maker
broke and one of the inverters broke. Made two sat phone calls regarding the
water makers to the manufacturer, probably more of those $1.50-per-minute
calls tomorrow. The water makers and the davit have been our two biggest
pains. Did not use the water makers in Alaska as we could get water from
shore, so we had forgotten how much of a joy they are to work with. We've
never had them both break at the same time. I think I know the cause of the
problem and we have a solution, unfortunately the problem has gotten bigger.
We'll see if we can fix them tomorrow, but it will take all day. If needed,
we can fill up from shore until we get to Ft. Lauderdale where the
manufacturer Village Marine has an office.

The fishing's not too good here, not sure why. We have to move off this
mooring tomorrow as the owner will be coming in Friday to use it over the
weekend. I guess we'll anchor which will be better, but not sure where we
can anchor. We are moored really near where the cruise ships embark and
disembark their passengers to and from shore. Gets rough with all the shore
boats going by.

We have been driving the dingy to the restaurants and dive sites. It was
leaking a lot and found a part had come off, we were able to do a quick
repair. Working well, thank goodness.

Hope to go to the other two Cayman Islands, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac
sometime while we are here. Unfortunately they treat them as separate
countries requiring a check out from Grand Cayman then a check into the
others. The diving is supposed to be really good there. They are next to one
another and 70 miles from here. Our spear guns and Hawaiian sling are being
held by customs, none allowed here. We'll get them back when we leave.

April 17, 2006

We made it to Grand Cayman today at 3 PM. Had a nice transit from the Canal
to the Caymans. We were able to land at the cruise ship landing and were
checked in by 4 PM. We were assigned a mooring bouy about 1/2 mile from the
main cruise ship landing.

I have not been here since our honeymoon in 1994. Things have really
changed. Many new buildings. The Cayman money used to be pegged to the US
Dollar, but no more. The Cayman dollar cost $1.25 US dollars or a 25%
premium - shows how much the US dollar has slipped.

There are many new buildings and businesses. We ate at Hammerheads Bar and
Grill today, good food and drinks. The crew was thirsty.

We plan to go diving tomorrow.

Launched the dingy and discovered a part missing which was allowing water to
leak into the big dingy, so we did a quick repair job. We all went swimming,
the water was very refreshing about 75 degrees or so. Checked out the bottom
of Adventure - all looked good.

Easter Sunday - April 16th, 2006

We are 240 miles South of Grand Cayman at Lat 1530 Long 80 37.
We are passing near some shallow banks that are only 30 ft or so
deep. We'll stay in the deep water between the banks, 1000 to 2000 ft
between. We are fishing and have a little bit of rain - enough to wash
down the deck right now. I am about to have two hot dogs for lunch. No
South Beach here! Have been enjoying a few cookies too.

The crew is watching movies and the olde Capn is on his 12 to 3 afternoon
watch. We are sending emails via a ham radio station in Panama.

Brodie brought me a present last night: a small bird and lots of feathers. I
do not think he was trying to kill the bird, although he did. He just wanted
to bring it to me as a present. Got lots of feathers in our stateroom.
Brodie had not eaten the bird just a little too rough carrying it to me. I
almost stepped on it when I got out of bed. Big surprise! It has cooled off
some so we opened the pilothouse doors last night and Brodie went exploring
last night and got a prize. Obviously the bird did not expect to meet up
with about being in the wrong place!

The sea conditions are staying very nice for a power boat, not so good for a
sailboat due to low wind. Very comfortable ride. We started fishing a 1/2 hr
ago, but nothing yet. We slowed down to 7 1/2 kts to fish from the 9.2 kts
we were doing (a Knot is 1.15 times a statute mile).

We are having Cheeseburgers, baked beans and corn on the cob on the grill as
our Easter feast. Todd is the cook as well as the acting Engineer. Had
lasagna last night, which was very good. Watched the movie Jarhead last
night about a Marine in the 1st Gulf War. We gave it 1 1/2 stars. Not the
kind of movie the Admiral would watch. I had read the book - book was 2
stars. Am reading a biography of Benjamin Franklin, 4 stars. A brilliant
person, great book about 1/2 way through it. Have not been reading as much
as usual, but not sure why. Watched episode 2 and 3 of the 5th and last
Season of 6 Ft Under last night on watch. They have run out of plots for the
Fisher family. Just keep repeating mostly the same issues. I can see why
this is the last season.

Have seen 15 or so big ships headed to the Panama Canal, but nothing else
out there. However there are several small islands along this course that
would be interesting to visit.

Todd and I talked through the general plans for our 5 days in the Cayman's.
After the check-in process, we'll go diving/snorkeling, do some boat
maintenance, go by dingy to Sting Ray city, go beaching it along 7 mile
beach, hit some resort bars, and that will about do it. We'll be moored off
the main Harbor West a few miles from 7 mile beach, near were the cruise
ships let off passengers to go ashore. Good spot to moor because it's a
place we can do a night dive. The crew except Bob leave next Saturday and
the Admiral returns to the loving arms of the olde Capn next Saturday. Dan
Palmer and his wife Desi will be our new crew. They are friends from our
church, the First United Methodist Church of Brandon, and arrive Apr 25th.
Their son Matt, a U of F Gator arrives Apr 29th. Desi leaves Apr 29th and we
leave on Apr 30th. We may delay a day or two to do some more diving
depending on the weather. We'll leave the Caymans and head to Ft Jefferson
in the Dry Tortugas, then to Key West By May 5th.

The Admiral is really enjoying her visit with Holli/Taylor/Wendi/Ryne and
Taylor's family. Lots of beaching it and shopping. Karen and her girls are
real shoppers and really love being together.

April 15th, 2006 - Part II

We are headed for Grand Cayman arriving Tuesday morning. It is
now 1PM Saturday. Seas are perfect--NO WIND! As flat as these seas get. All the crew got a good night's sleep and are watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a movie
that has been boycotted aboard Adventure when the Admiral is aboard. Rob and
Todd are feeling fine and Bob and I are well rested after good night's sleep. The
crew likes the sound louder than I do while watching a movie which is

We've got the lines cast out. The water is the most beautiful deep blue
color you have ever seen. The seas are like a mirror with a little
miscellaneous roll 1 to 2 ft. Great ride, the forecast is more of the same
all the way to Grand Cayman. We are blessed, I have been watching the wind
and wave forecast for this area and the usual is 20 kts on the nose or from
the east making for a long miserable ride. The time of year and our luck has

Even the Admiral would love these seas but she is more loving being with
Ryne, Holli, Taylor and Wendi plus Gus and Woodrow in Fairhope, Al for
Easter. Ryne is our joy. I miss seeing him and all the kids. Ryne loves
Holli and Taylor and especially Gus - Holli's Golden Retriever. Holli and
Taylor better be careful or the stork may leave a little Ryne on their door
step( we can only hope).

April 15th, 2006

We made it through the Canal without breaking anything or any scratches. We
had a good long day. For awhile it was looking like we were going to have to
spend the night in Gatun lake. We had not gone fast enough to make the Gatun
locks on time and no more North bound transits were scheduled but lo and
behold they came up with a couple more North bounds and we were in. We got a
new pilot at the Gatun lakes named Al. Al was older than Jose and not
allergic to gatos so Brodie and Princess were out. Of course Brodie was all
over the deck and everywhere. The gatos are looking for love tonight as they
were in our room all day.

Many of you saw us on the web cams, that was really cool!

We dropped off our line handler Roberto in Colon at the yacht club. Everyone
only could say, " Colon is not safe", so the line handler left with the 4
125-ft locking through ropes with his escort and we were off for the
Atlantic/Caribbean sea.

We had a nice dinner of pork loin and were out the breakwater and back into
bobbing and weaving of the ocean. Conditions are good tonight for this area
and the forecast is good for our trip to Grand Cayman. We'll arrive Grand
Cayman Tuesday morning. We have 292 miles to our first turn and a total of
600 miles. We are basically going directly North. The prevailing winds are
from the East to North. Right now we have 8 kts on the nose and 4 to 6 ft
waves. Rob got sea sick immediately after leaving the breakwater so Todd,
who is feeling the best he has for the trip, finished Rob's watch and then
stood his own 3 hour watch. The olde Capn got a few hours of much needed
sleep and is on the 12 AM to 3 AM mid watch with my gal Tina Turner. She is
really great, she wakes you up and gets your juices flowing! Rob seems to be
successfully sleeping off his sea sickness in the saloon. Rob's normal cabin
is in the forward bouncy crews quarters.

Tomorrow will be a good day to fish. Hopefully we'll catch some Mahi Mahi.
Have not caught any so far this year. We were all set for sushi today but
our refrigerated tuna had gone bad. We have lots left that we froze that is
still OK.

The second pilot Al was a lot different than the first. He was older and saw
life differently. He loves being a pilot, spent 16 years at sea before
becoming a pilot as did Jose. The way to get the licenses needed to be a
pilot is to spend time aboard big ships and that is done as part of ship's
company. Al is much more laid back than Jose. They both took care of
themselves and watched what they ate and drank although Al smokes so I guess
he does not really take care of himself! Al was leaving Adventure and going
to pilot a ship carrying hazardous cargo to the Gatun lock at night, ships
move day and night 365 days per year including Christmas Day. Al works 5
weeks then gets 3 weeks off. Both pilots said they like to keep busy.

The entrances to the Canal are very busy places. They have ship control
stations that coordinate the movement of ships into and out of the canal
area. Both entrances have shipyards and ports for cargo discharge. Some
container ships have to take containers off to reduce their draft to less
than the 39 ft max, the containers are shipped across Panama via train and
reloaded at the other side of the canal. The ship we followed through Gatun
locks was Panamax which means it was as big as the locks could handle--106
ft wide vs a canal width of 110 ft they had 2 ft to spare on each side! 965
ft long vs 1050 ft overall lock length. You see world trade at the canal,
ships from all over the world converging then going there separate ways.

Tina's done...need to start up Gretchen. Guess that is enough for tonight.

April 14th, 2006

We are in the Panama Canal, we began our transit at 7:30 this morning after
getting ready for a 5:30 departure, we were delayed 2 hrs. by the schedule.
Our pilot boarded and we waited another 1 hour, we actually began at 9:00
and were in the Milaflores lock at 11:45 a.m.. Karen and Wendi saw us on the
Panama Canal web cam. We are currently scheduled to be in the Gatun Locks at
4:20 p.m. Central Daylight time today. They have another web cam if you want
to look for us. Let us know if you see us on the web. To get the site,
google Panama Canal Web Cam and look at the Gatun locks camera between 5:00
and 6:00 PM today.

Our pilot is a class 8 pilot able to take all ships through the canal except
submarines. He is a Panamanian with 14 years experience. His name is Jose.
He has treated us very well and been easy to deal with. He gives us all the
instructions we need.

On entry into the first lock was very exciting, too exciting. In spite of
all warnings, I managed to get slightly sideways when trying to tie up next
to the tug boat we were going through with, some reversing and messing
around got us tied up with no damage. More instruction helped the next two
tie ups go smoother. We are now cruising in Lake Gatun that connects the
Caribbean and Pacific sides. We are raised 85 ft above sea level at this
time. We went through the locks tied to a tug boat that was accompanying the
container ship that we were following, which is the easiest way. The water
just boils into the lock causing you to have little control of your vessel.
You wait to move until the boiling has stopped. When the big container ship
ahead starts up it puts out another big push of water. We are using all
systems aboard and all is working well. We did bump into the rubber bumpers
on the tug for the second tie up but no damage was done.

We hope to be in the Caribbean sea by 7:00 PM and on our way to Grand

April 13, 2006 - Part II

We will be transiting the Panama Canal Friday morning, April 14th. We
hopefully will enter the Miraflores locks between 7AM and 11AM, we'll enter
the first set of locks on the Atlantic side, the Gatun locks around 2 to
6PM. We'll try to send another email tomorrow when we know the exact times.

We did a city tour of Panama City, the Canal, the area around here and had
lunch at the beautiful Gamboa Lodge. Rob stayed at the lodge rather than
visiting the locks to do the jungle canopy tour. We did some grocery
shopping. Our agent Tina partners with a taxi driver who charges $10 per hr
so we used him all day which worked out well.

I am impressed with Panama, a very modern central city area in addition to
the old area and slums. They have a new bridge that looks exactly like the
Sunshine Skyway bridge across Tampa Bay.

Turns out the boat next to us Left Turn is owned by a partner of AJ Foyt but
not AJ himself.

April 13, 2006

Well we made it to the Panama Canal. We are at Flamenco Marina at the
Pacific entrance to the canal. We had a rough night last night after
catching all the fish. The wind built up to 25 kts on our nose - meaning we
were heading right into 25 kt winds. Adventure does well in seas except when
heading right into them, she pitches a lot. The pitching was flipping Rob
up and down in his crew quarters bunk. He moved to the salon which is in the
back of Adventure vs the crew quarters which are all the way forward. Todd
got sea sick and also slept in the saloon, when he got off watch Rob slept
in Todd's bunk so we had musical bunks. Todd has been carrying a bucket
around with him and he got to use it.

We made it to the Panama Canal at 1000AM, we were two hrs late due to
slowing down due to the rough seas. The area to the West of the Canal is
amazing -must be 30 to 50 large ships anchored waiting their turn to transit
the canal. We saw a large new car carrier probably from Japan entering the
canal this morning. We moored at Flamenco Marina which is a new modern
facility near the entrance to the Pacific side of the canal. We first
refueled, taking on 1680 gallons of diesel at $2.30 per gallon, lots less
than in the USA. We had not fueled since Acapulco. This is the second
fueling since we left Ensenada. We met with our agent Tina Mcbride after the
measurer visited Adventure. The measurer measures the dimensions of
Adventure for costing purposes. We wanted to measure more than 65 ft so Todd
held the end of the tape and pulled out several extra feet each time the
measurer would take a measurement. We ended up measuring 78 ft! Fortunately
I had talked to Todd about the fact that we needed to be over 65 ft - he
jumped right in when the measurer started offering to "help" and we made the
65 ft. If we had measured under 65 ft we would have had to either waiting
until May 2 to transit or we would have had to pay an extra $2,500 to
transit in a day or two.

We fueled at the Flamenco fuel dock, we started out using the slow pump
which was real slow, taking 10 minutes to pump 50 gallons. So we convinced
the fueling person to try the high speed pump, which put out 70 GPM which
helped with taking on 1680 gallons. The high speed pump worked but lots of
fuel spilled so we used lots of rags, but got no fuel in the water or on
ourselves. It takes an hour or more to fuel even with a high speed pump.
After fueling we moved to our "permanent slip". We are moored next to "Left
Turn" which we think is A.J Foyt's yacht since the yacht has and #41,#14,#48 which are the cars AJ owns. We asked the
crew if AJ was the owner and they would not say.

We cleaned Adventure and did minor repairs and are now ready to go to dinner
and have a couple of drinks. All in all a good day.

Tina thinks we'll transit Friday starting about 8 AM, we'll know tomorrow,
we'll let you know the time so those of you who want to watch the web cam
can. We are hiring a taxi recommended by Tina tomorrow to take a city tour,
view the locks, eat lunch at a fancy jungle club and visit Costco to
resupply. We met Roberto who will go with us as a hired line handler. He
knows the ins and outs of the Canal transit.

April 12, 2006

We had one of my best days fishing ever yesterday. We caught and cleaned 9
yellowfin tuna and one Bonito, ate one last night. We lost one tuna at the
gaff. We caught the fish during a two-hour period and at times were catching
one every 5 minutes. We have plenty of fish to eat now! Did not catch any
other species other than the one Bonito. We finally changed to larger lures
in hopes of catching a marlin among the yellowfin but we kept catching the
yellowfin. Finally they stopped biting with the larger lures and we called
it a day.

While fishing, the winds started to build up to 20 kts on our nose so it got
rough. We are half full of fuel and Adventure is riding high in the water
and rises up and down when going into waves. Unfortunately Todd got sea sick
and upchucked at the end of his watch last night. He is better this morning.
Due to the high winds we slowed down and will arrive at the Canal at 1000AM
vs our scheduled 8AM not bad considering two months ago I told our agent
Tina McBride we would arrive at 9AM. We have come thousands of miles in
those two months. We switched around watches last night so the olde Capn
would be rested for entering port. It is 730AM and we are 16 miles from our

When we were fishing we managed to back over some of our teasers and lost
one and had to cut the line on another. Hopefully that line will not tangle
in the thrusters while we are docking today, we may have to dive Adventure's
bottom to check the zincs and clear the fishing lines after we get tied up.

The winlink modem has been acting up so we hope it will keep working. It
would not work last night but is fine now. I rebooted the PC and that
hopefully fixed the problem. We'll be able to do hotmail this afternoon. Not
sure if there is wifi in the marina. If not, we'll go to an internet cafe.
If you suddenly stop getting sailplans or replies to your emails it probably
is due to modem failure, so do not panic! We have a satellite phone aboard

We have a great small pamphlet/book describing how to transit the canal on a
yacht, "The Captains Guide to Transiting the Panama Canal in a Small Vessel"
by David W. Wilson. For the crew it is required reading. It is short and the
best discussion of the topic I have read. If you want to read about a
transit, buy it from Blue Water Books and Charts-- they have a good web
site. We'll have a paid line handler with us who will hopefully be helpful
with the process. The danger is losing control of Adventure and smashing
into the lock walls among the turbulence of the water entering the lock.
We'll have 4- 125 ft rented lines securing us to the lock walls. Hopefully
we'll be able to transit tied along side a Canal Authority tug boat - then
it is all a piece of cake (or so they say).

We get measured for the transit today ( the transit charges are based on
your measurements), do lots of paperwork with our agent, clean off the salt
from Adventure, do some minor repairs, hopefully go grocery shopping and
drink a few brews. No drinking while underway so the crew has dried out.
Hopefully we'll transit the canal tomorrow starting around 9AM. We should
know the exact time for sure latter today, we'll send a sailplan with our
scheduled time in case you want to watch the web cam.

Lots of boat traffic while we are nearing the Canal entrance. Last night we
had to change course twice to avoid other vessels. One was a sailboat
undersail, who tried to politely tell us that since he was undersail and had
the right of way, we would need to turn out of his way. After much beating
around the bush, we turned 30 degrees and had no problem passing starboard
to starboard. Bob had to change course for a freighter. All went well, with
no problems except the rough ride.

April 11, 2006

Cruising off Panama, we are seeing lots of ships coming from the Panama
Canal headed north. Have 4 to 6 in contact all the time, it will be
interesting tonight. We can see the ships on radar when they are 20 to 40
miles out. The clouds are also showing up on the radar which adds more
interest to the whole ship sighting process.

We had the generator shut down by itself last night and after checking it
out I found some oil in the drip pan under the genset but the oil level was
full. Have been watching the gen set closely and all seems well. I changed
the oil in Golfito and was careful to not overfill it but who knows if this
had anything to do with it shutting down. It seems to be fine now and is
spitting very little oil. We need the gen set to run the air conditioning
which we are running all the time. Makes things much more pleasant in the 90
degree heat. All else is well aboard Adventure.

Todd and I had a ship come within 1/4 mile of us last night, so close that I
turned and flashed our big deck lights. No problems - just closer than I
would like. I like a minimun separation of 1 mile at night. At night you are
never 100% sure exactly which way the ship is headed. The ship's lights and
past radar and visual observation is what you have since you can not see the
ship clearly. While it would seem the lights would tell the whole story,
their position on the ship is not exactly known, this particular ship had
the running lights very far aft.

Last night we had a nice moon which we could see after the thunderstorms and
things got much "lighter".

The day started off good today. Bob caught a 40 lb yellowfin tuna at 5:45
AM. It got light at 4:30...I think we need to adjust our time zone. Does
anyone know what time zone Panama is on? Bob is very excited about catching
this fish as are all of us since we get to eat his catch.

Todd is feeling better. He's not yet 100%, but he is able to stand his

We'll have sushi for lunch today with some hot rice and tuna steaks with all
the fixings tonight. We are continuing the tradition of he who catches the
fish, cleans the fish so, Bob got his initiation in fish cleaning with
instruction from Todd. Got three large packs of meat from the tuna. When
cleaning tuna you try to make them bleed when you kill them so the blood
leaves their body, this improves the taste of the meat. We had lots of
blood, but it all cleaned up well. Bob is still getting used to hitting the
fish on the head to kill them when you pull them in. Bob is a true green
tree hugger, so some of the shipboard practices like garbage and sewage
disposal are taking some getting used to by Bob. Nothing goes in the water
that will not biodegrade, no plastics. I consider myself an
environmentalist - just not a tree hugger type.

Bob has his own Ipod so we have a different sound in the pilothouse when he
is on watch. Todd likes my country music so he is happy with my Ipod. The
Ipod is the greatest thing. Mine has over 1000 songs stored on it any of
which can be played really easily.

The cats are doing well - glad people are back aboard Adventure. I brushed
them both today which they enjoy. The hot weather is causing them to shed
incredibly. Cat hair all around and frequent vacuum cleaning of the carpet.
The cats are great company and love all our visitors.

The new crew is catching on well. They have accepted the no drinking while
underway rule, but I know they will make up for lost time when we reach
port. We are scheduled to arrive at Flamenco Marina about 8 AM what ever
time we are on.

April 10, 2006 Canal Web cam

Here is an internet link for the Panama Canal that has 3 different live
web cams set up through out the canal. You can watch boats lock through the
Panama Canal.

We'll let you all know when we are scheduled to go through the canal and you
can watch on the internet and maybe see us. You'll need lots of patience as
I understand the canal does not usually run according to schedule.

We have left Costa Rica and are off Panama listening to some Toby Keith and
Tina Turner (singing You're the Best). We'll be at the Pacific entrance to
the Panama Canal Wednesday morning. We enjoyed our time in Golfito, Costa
Rica. Golfito is a small village that used to be the export port for bananas
from Costa Rica until labor problems caused United Fruit to pull out in the
early 90s. After the pull out, to help the local economy, the Costa Rican
government opened a free trade zone in Golfito. So Golfito is now the place
to go to buy appliances if you are building a house or if you want to save
money on electronics or buy lots of booze. We did not buy anything at the
free trade zone but the Admiral and I did visit. Golfito is also now a port
for sports fishing and the southern entry port into Costa Rica for yachts.
We stayed at Banana Bay marina which was great, great restaurant overlooking
the marina. Cable TV on "Adventure" to watch the Masters Golf and the Cubs
vs Cardinals baseball game.

I am listening to radio traffic right now between the Canal Authority and a
yacht entering Panama. There must be a repeater on the island we are close
to since we are 220 miles from the canal. We have a nice moon out tonight
which takes some of the mystery out of night passages. We have scattered
thunder showers which adds to the excitement and washes the boat with free
fresh water. You can see the lightning for miles and miles. The clouds show
up on the radar sometimes confusing the target situation.

We had a good fishing day catching two yellow fin tuna (the olde Capn lost
one with the gaff) and two Bonito (no good to eat). We ate the yellow fin
for dinner... really good. We have the hottest wasabi I have ever had, it
brings tears to your eyes and makes your nose water. Great stuff!

Todd has not been feeling well, seems like sea sickness plus I think he is
tired from his trip. Todd my son in law and most importantly Ryne's Dad,
missed his connection to Costa Rica from Atlanta and did not arrive at the
hotel until 1000PM after getting up at 2AM the previous day. Those 20 hr
days will wear you down. Todd then endured, 9 hrs after arrival, the 7 hour
bus ride from San Jose to Golfito in a non air conditioned bus, in between
he slept a little and sampled a couple of local cervezas (had to do that in
spite of the 20 hr day).

Lots of ship traffic out here, ships going to and from the canal. Seas are
not too bad tonight, wind is 8 kts on our nose and we are doing 10 kts due
to a favorable current and the fact we are going faster so we can slow down
to fish tomorrow during the day and still arrive at the canal the following
morning. Have been doing lots of crew training with our new crew. The crew
includes Todd, his former next door neighbor Bob and Todd's cousin Rob. Bob
is a pharmaceutical sales rep for Astra Zennica and got a 12 week leave of
absence to go cruising and to visit Costa Rica and Peru, he has just
finished two weeks in Peru and Costa Rica and started 10 weeks aboard
Adventure. Bob is a bachelor and Rob is married with a son and lives in
Cincinnati and sells radio advertising, so we have three outside sales reps
aboard. You know there is a lot of bull being shot aboard Adventure.

Karen and I did lots of repair jobs aboard Adventure while in Golfito. We
fixed the fuel system which has been a problem for years - had some debris
in a fuel line that we finally got out by removing a hose line end, and
fixed the starboard control station controls which had a corroded fitting.
The Admiral did some wrench turning to help with the fuel line job when the
olde Capn got frustrated (hard to imagine the Capn getting frustrated) while
wrench turning?! After the new crew arrived with loads of parts, lots of new
tools ordered by departed engineer Roy and more DVDs (Brokeback Mtn will be
boycotted by some of the more narrow minded crew, Capotte and Crash enjoyed
by all while the Capn gets to see the final season of 6 Feet Under, the
story of America's second most dysfunctional family after the Soprano
family) we fixed a broken hinge on one refrigerator which had put the frig
out of commission, fixed a broken spring that had the rudder angle indicator
ooc, replaced some door bumpers, fixed an indicator light that was out for
one of the heads (imagine head problems aboard Adventure!), cleaned up the
pilothouse frig after a Pepsi exploded after freezing. Every time something
breaks and we do not have the parts we buy the needed parts plus spares, we
have lots and lots of spares and the list is growing. We keep their
locations listed on an ever expanding excel spreadsheet.

After our 7 hour bus ride from Golfito to San Jose, Karen and I went on a
city tour, not a very good tour. We did visit the National Theater which was
beautiful. San Jose is your typical big city, almost two million population
out of Costa Rica's 4 million residents. Lots of poor folks, homeless, drug
addicts and beggars. Apparently crime is really bad and the streets are not
too safe at night. We had 6 people tell us this. We were careful and had no
problems except to fend off the beggars at night. Karen had enough and we
just stayed in the hotel after the tour.

The airport is way over capacity and is being expanded. The San Jose
International airport is the main gateway to the country. The greeting the
hawkers give you at the airport exit upon arrival is overwhelming. It took
Rob 2hrs to clear customs and get his bags after an on-time arrival. The
olde Capn was panicking when neither Rob or Todd appeared after waiting for
1 1/2 hrs, then Rob showed up and informed me that Todd did not make the
Atlanta connection due to mechanical problems out of South Bend. So Rob and
I got a hold of Todd on his cell ( I did not have Todd's cell number real
smart!). We then decide to go to town and wait there for Todd. We did a
little touring of the town and had no problem wasting the time till he

We took to 7 hr bus ride vs the 45 minute plane ride to see the country side
and experience real things which we did. San Jose is at a higher elevation
than Golfito so it is about 10 degrees cooler in San Jose. The bus ride is a
real experience...the bus stops all along the way letting riders on and off.
The bus drivers earn their money with the two lane roads and lots of curves.
Buses are the main form of transportation as most people can not afford
cars. More buses on the country roads than cars. San Jose is the central
transport point for the whole country. Many different bus lines service the
country side. A 7 hr bus ride costs $10 vs an $80 plane ride. The bus stops
three times during the trip to let passengers off for a break, food, and to
use the restroom. One little boy could not wait for the next stop so when
his mom asked the bus driver for help, he gave her a plastic bag which did
the trick. The bus stops are good, lots of good food and big variety of junk

Karen had no problem flying back to South Bend and is busy spoiling our
grandson with Wendi. Karen, Wendi and I fly Wednesday to Mobile Al to visit
Holli, Taylor, Gus and Woodrow for Easter.

April 3, 2006

We went for a long dingy ride today to see the mangrove swamp like we have
in Florida. What we do not have in Florida are 8 ft waves entering the
swamps. The waves would break when they came over shallow water. We had a
chart of the area and I thought we could find a way through the breaking
waves. We tried several entrances but all had breaking waves and no apparent
way through. Finally I thought I found a way through. The waves would get
steeper as the water got more shallow and then they would break. We were
riding the waves along and the water was getting shallower and the waves
were breaking. Then we ran aground and the Admiral said I told you not to do
this and get me out of here. About that time I decided she was right and was
turning around when a wave broke over the side of the dingy getting
everything wet. The motor was in the sand and the waves were breaking.
Fortunately I knew to stay headed into the waves and gradually worked our
way back out to deeper water. As we worked out, we had to return back
through the rough surf we had just come through. The waves were steep before
they broke. The water got deeper and the waves stopped breaking, we did some
airborne trips over the tops of a couple of waves then all was OK. At this
point the Admiral said the journey was over and we were heading home. She
was not in a mood to negotiate so I did the right thing and went back to much for the mangrove swamp ride and seeing crocks, etc.

We returned to Adventure and did a bunch of maintenance projects and had a
nice day. The Admiral's mood improved and all was well. We finished watching
season # 4 of the Sopranos after our spaghetti dinner. The Sopranos is a
tale of the world's most dysfunctional family.

We are going to Golfito tomorrow. It is a 65 mile ride and if all goes well
will take 7 to 8 hours. We plan to start early so hopefully we'll arrive
before 3PM.

April 2, 2006

We are in Drake Bay in middle of Costa Rica. We visited the Bay on the 1st, then Cano Island yesterday.

The Bay has a number of hotels, some very nice and some very budget. The
Drake Bay lodge is really upscale and very nice, great diving place and
place to view the jungle. A tribe of monkeys live nearby! We went up the
river at the lodge and saw monkeys on the swing bridge across the stream.
They were very friendly whiteface monkeys looking for food. The lodge is
located along a river and have a pier which is unusual for this area. Most
entries from and to a boat are from shore. The drivers have a skill of
turning the boat into the surf and landing the stern on the beach. There are
two drivers aboard and one stays on the boat and the other jumps out and
keeps her steady into the waves as the passengers come and go. We have been
kayaking ashore here in Drake Bay vs using the dingy. Kayaking ashore
requires a little skill to time the waves so as not to get dumped out upon
landing. I am only batting 80% as I got a good dumping by mistiming a wave.
Everything we carry is waterproofed so nothing got hurt. I just got wet.

We visited a tour operator on the beach, used their internet connection and
got some tour ideas.

The village was having their annual festival while we were there. They had
many vendors selling all kinds of stuff including ice cream and beer which
we were in the market for. They had a disco which had its own generators
for the amps. We have heard them blasting away the last three nights, but it
ended last night. The town is primitive with only a dirt road which ends in
the middle of town. The roads are very rugged and require 4 wheel drive
vehicles They had a very high tide while we were ashore and the locals were
pulling their boat further up the beach. They do this by hooking a rope to
the boat then gunning their 4 wheel drive and pulling the boat on land. We
were watching in amazement when one rope broke with a huge pop, they all
laughed and carried on. Dogs are very popular here and fairly well cared
for. The dogs are friendly and, like all dogs, looking for a handout.
Several resorts were beyond where the road in town stopped, apparently one
gets there by boat from town or somewhere else. We met an American couple
who have been driving around the country themselves. They said the roads
were something else but the people all very friendly and they were having no
problems. They made no reservations just started looking for a place about 3
PM each day. Have paid from $150 per night to $40 per night. They were
having a great time. Some nights they ended up sleeping in their cars.

We visited Cano Island, took a hike saw a beautiful lookout over the ocean
and then came across a Boa Constrictor - actually Karen came across it
laying in the path. We thought it might be dead, I moved it with a stick and
it moved. It was in the process of swallowing a bird, head first. It had all
but the tail feathers down. We continued on to the area that has the round
stones. Apparently the round stones have some significance but no one knows
what it is. On our way back we ran into some more tourists and told them
about the snake. The guide went over and was touching it and asking Karen if
she would like to feel it. This met with a loud NO! The guide mentioned how
the snake was clean and odor free.

Lots of beautiful air plants, plants and tall trees along the jungle walk.
If one was into botany this place would be like heaven; many type of birds
for you birders.

We anchored last night off Drake Bay for the second night. While leaving
Cano Island the Elder Hostel boat Sea Voyager showed up with another group
of guests. They spent the night anchored near us in Drake Bay. They are
slowly cruising their way to the Panama Canal. The brochures for Elder
Hostel cruising looked very interesting, something we would like to do post
Adventure. Cano Island is a national park and a big SCUBA diving area. We
snorkeled some but the surf stirred up the sand too much and the visibility
was no good plus the surf was pushing us into the rocks, so the Admiral
declared enough.

Karen is excited about going to the Med so it looks like that is a strong
possibility, we'll need to assemble a crew for the crossing as Karen will
not do the crossing. We'll leave Ft Lauderdale early May, Bermuda mid-May,
the Azores early June and arrive mid June to Gibraltar. If interested in
crewing with us let us know. We'll be in the Med for two years so there will
be lots of opportunities for you all to cruise the Med with us.

Had a slight accident yesterday. Karen was securing the davit when she
accidentally hooked one of the hatches while raising the hook. I heard a
scream and she said she had broken the hatch. The hook snapped the two
latches holding the main hatch into our cabin. We had JB weld the latches
back together and had taken a good one off a pilothouse hatch and ordered
more parts from Nordhavn. Karen was happy that the olde Capn took it all in
stride. We had repaired the stbd thruster control station in Los Suenos,
went to use it two days ago and it was dead again so we have a bad
connection. There is always a work list aboard a boat and it usually is
getting longer vs shorter. We are no exception.

We are going on a jungle cruise in our own dingy today, we'll leave for
Golfito tomorrow and arrive tomorrow afternoon.

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