"Adventure" N62-22 - David and Karen Crannell

August 24, 2006

We have arrived back in Jamestown, RI where we first arrived from Bermuda and where we started our New England cruising. We cruised down from Boston, staying on Cape Cod for two nights then to Block Island for two nights then here. We picked up a rental car at the Providence RI airport yesterday, did some shopping and I went to a walk-in clinic to get some help with flu-like symptoms I have been having the last week.

Today we head off for the US Open Series tennis tournament at New Haven Conn, apparently on the campus of Yale University. A Tampa friend, Lance Ringhaver, has his boat tied up near ours and he will be flying up for the weekend with our friend, Chip Webster. It will be great to see them for the weekend. We'll be cleaning up Adventure then flying to Atlanta Tuesday to visit family for two weeks.

We really enjoyed Block Island, reminded me of a New England version of Bermuda. New Harbor is a very large harbor with hundreds of boats moored, anchored and docked. Great place for hiking and biking. We did a taxi tour with a lady our age who was born on the island and has lived there all her life. She knew everything about the island and gave us a great tour.

The Admiral had an incident at Block Island. We landed in our dingy and the dingy dock was full. When this happens you have to tie up outside of another dingy then climb across that dingy to the dock. The Admiral stepped into one dingy and it started to move away I caught her as she was falling backwards into the shallow water by her shirt. Her feet were in the other dingy with me in our dingy holding her by her shirt. We then had a minute long tug to get her upright without getting soaked. She only got one cheek wet and survived without injury.

We really enjoyed Boston. It's a great tourist stop. We visited the Cheers Bar, USS Constitution and Boston Commons, did a trolley tour that was very good. We'll go back again for a longer stay maybe in an RV. We'll also come back to the Narragansett Bay area of RI to check out the many shore communities along the bay. Maybe we'll even do all this in a boat who knows.

My Dad has been having some health problems and got a clean bill of health this week as did my Mom last month so we are all very happy about my parents' health, our prayers were answered.

Finished watching another TV mini series, The Wire. I thought it was very realistic about what detectives do in big cities these days. Look forward to seeing season number two if there is one?

August 17, 2006

We are moored right in downtown Boston. We had a beautiful day yesterday cruising 100 miles from Portland Maine to Boston. There was no wind and flat seas, a cloudless sky all day. It could not have been better cruising weather. We left at 520AM and arrived at 430PM. Made very good time. We have a beautiful slip. We had dinner with our broker last night and are meeting with him today.

We'll do some sight seeing today then head for Cape Cod tomorrow. We'll transit the Cape Cod Canal and stay at a marina on Cape Cod tomorrow night. The weather is forecast to be good tomorrow then maybe rain Saturday.

We plan to go to Block Island either Saturday or Sunday - whenever the weather is good.

All is well aboard and the Admiral is happy.


August 15, 2006

We are in Portland, Maine, the biggest city in Maine with 65,000 folks. We arrived yesterday and today we waited out poor weather as a front blew through. We rented a car and drove to Kennebunkport, the home of George and Barbara Bush. They are definitely the famous folks there. Their 11 acre lot on the ocean was bought by George's father and grandfather for $20,000 in 1903 - probably worth 10 to 20 million today, just for the lot I'd say. The homes, there are 5, are worth much more. The main house is right on the Atlantic Ocean and has its own cove. Ocean Avenue goes right by their property so you can see the whole place from a distance. The land is called Walkers Point. Lots of tourist drive by to see the house. Big guard gate at the entrance. There's a house that I'm guessing is for the secret service right on the property.

The town is your typical Maine tourist town, lots of tee shirts for sale. We had a great lunch after our 3-mile walk to see the house. Beforehand, I got fueled with a small Chunky Monkey Cone. We then drove to the Kittery outlet mall on I-95 so the Admiral could get her shopping fix taken care of. Of course she bought a pair of shoes, number 342. I think we only have 50 or so pairs aboard Adventure. And a couple more blouses - we only have 60 of those. We fill up all the other stateroom drawers with the Admirals clothes. Oh well, she is a good sport and a kind Admiral. She does only buy bargains and sale stuff and she has her own money so it is her business, It just fills our boat! Not sure what happens when we sell Adventure. All the drawers and closets are already overflowing with shoes and clothes in Tampa.

We'll be cruising about 100 miles tomorrow from here to Boston. Will be a long day at 8 to 9 knots, 12 to 14 hours of cruising. We'll be getting started about 5AM. Weather sounds good so it should be a good trip. We'll be meeting with my stock broker in Boston. He has been the broker for a Navy friend of mine since 1972 and due to the terrible results I have been getting from my Tampa broker I am changing brokers and brokerage for the first time ever, over 35 years in one place. We'll be staying for two nights, right in downtown Boston. It should be nice. Hope to do the normal tourist things in addition to the stock dealings.

Adventure is doing well, not many issues since Florida. The t-do list is shorter than it has been in a long time.

We have enjoyed Maine and well could have stayed another month to see all we would like to have seen. Adventure is a great boat for these waters. She keeps you dry and warm. Dodging the lobster pots lines is a super pain. There are pots everywhere where the water is less than 100 ft deep and the bottom is rocky. It makes cruising the shallower waters miserable. We have gotten hung up on 5 or so, cut one with the prop and made 10+ emergency stops to avid running over pots. Probably when I next dive the boat next there will be pot lines around the prop. We have spur cutters which cut the lines that get on the prop but do not help with the pots that get caught on the stabilizers. We have to remove those manually. The Admiral does not like driving Adventure and dodging the pots so it is hard for the olde Capn to get a break. Tomorrow we'll be running offshore in a straight line from here to Cape Ann above Boston and will be in water over 200ft deep most of the time so we should not have so many pots to dodge. Lobster dinners are still expensive here. We got a deal at one restaurant for a before 6PM dinner for $13 that was the best. Paid $18 for a lobster 1 lb + steamed claims and corn on the cob yesterday in Portland but I may have gotten food poisioning and I thought I was going to be wrung inside out this morning, Fortunately it all passed during the day and I lived. The days of all you can eat lobsters for $10 are long gone. The price to the fishermen is $5 per pound. The price in a fish market is $10 per pound. Not that different than Fla! So we have had a few lobster while up here but not a lot. With the thousands and thousands of pots I do not know why they do not catch all the lobster and clean them out.

We have been enjoying the start of football season. We are both big football fans. Karen likes college and I like pros but we each also like the other a lot. We were able to see the Bucs first preseason game because the Bucs played the Jets and got to watch on DirecTV. We are still trying to sell the 4 seats we have for all the Bucs games up to November.

Aug 12, 2006

We are now in Rockland Maine. We attended the Maine Boat Show today and looked at a PDQ Power Cat which could be our next boat. PDQ has a trip for 20 of their boats to be shipped to the Baltic next summer for cruising. That would be lots of fun. We can not own another boat until we sell the one we have however.

A couple more Nordhavn 62's have come on the market which is not good for us selling Adventure. When we listed Adventure we were number 3 now 5 are for sale. We are having Adventure in the Trawler Fest late Sept in Solomon, Maryland. Hopefully she'll sell this year but who knows. If she does not sell we'll have her until she does and cruise her next year maybe to Bahamas for spring/ early summer then Tennessee for hurricane season.

We are buying an RV lot in Northern Michigan in Traverse City which will be somewhat near Wendi, Todd and Ryne so that will be nice for the future. We currently own two RV lots in Florida.

Maine has really been nice. The cooler weather has been great and we have not had too much rain. The bugs are not too bad usually. August is supposed to be a great time of year and it looks that way to us. We were in Castine for a couple of days. When we first arrived we did not think too much of the town but after lots of walking and touring we decided we knew why people liked it there. A nice community, centered around Castine's over 400 year history and its being home to the Maine Maritime Academy. We toured the Academy's 400 ft. long training ship State of Maine which was really neat and attended a concert by the Castine Town Band. Castine was sort of one of the first "towns" in New England, lots of history of wars and forts. They have signs everywhere describing events and people from the past. We have been sampling ice cream around Maine and Castine had the best Moose Tracks.

We visited Camden--really good tourist place, Pulpit Harbor great cruiser anchorage, Seal Bay our favorite place in Maine- an isolated pristine spot great for kayaking, and best of all we spent over a week around Acadia National Park in Southwest Harbor/Bar Harbor and Little Cranberry Island. Acadia is a great park for hiking and biking. Bar Harbor is a touristy town like Gatlinburg Tenn. LL Bean sponsors free buses that take you and your bike all over the park. We got our bikes out and biked so much that Karen had a enough. We did several neat hikes. We have hiked most places when we could go ashore. We have been towing the dingy as we have been in fairly protected waters.

We have now started heading back to Newport Rhode Island. We'll arrive there about Aug 23. We are going to attend the US Open prelim tournament in Conn on Aug 24th then get Adventure and the cats ready for us being gone from Aug 29th until Sept 12th. We are heading back to Booth Bay Harbor tomorrow and will take on fuel there, (first fuel buy since Ft Lauderdale, we are down to 450 gallons aboard) then back down the coast with a stop in Boston. We plan to spend a couple of nights on Block Island off the coast of RI before heading back to port in Jamestown.

August 6, 2006

We are in Bar Harbor, Maine. Very touristy town. The gateway to Acadia National Park. Acadia is a great park. Lots to do. We have been attracted to Bar Harbor so we can take advantage of what Acadia has to offer from our boat. We have been bike riding and hiking and have ridden all 8 of the free bus routes to see the park. LL Bean donates over $1,000,000 per year to pay for the buses. The buses are great if you do not have a car. They also have special bike transports that take you and your bike to some great riding areas. Many, many motels and campgrounds in the area. Many different harbors to anchor or moor in while visiting the park. Bar Harbor is not that popular of a yacht anchorage because it is not very protected from the sea and its waves. Fortunately we have had calm weather.

We are moored near "Floridian", the yacht owned by Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Miami Dolphins. It is one of the really big yachts with its own jet helo and many water toys. His guests are having a ball riding all the jet skis and boats.

The Admiral got her hair cut yesterday and I rode some more bus routes, then we both rode a route. We plan to go biking today. One bike is in good shape and one in not so good shape. We'll try to get one fixed today in town.

We went grocery shopping two days ago and loaded up. Hanaford is the big grocery chain in Maine. They are pretty good and are the only game in each town we have been to. Maine is not big on national chains so all the groceries/banks/hardware etc are local companies.

Aug. 5, 2006

It has been a month and a week since the last update. We have done a lot in these past 5 weeks.

Sandy and Max Ramos left Adventure and flew to Colorado where they had a great time. They are now back in the Tampa Bay area working. They may be retiring at the end of this year. We had a great time with them aboard as we did with all 7 groups of guests this year. Having the different group of guest/crew on the various legs worked very well for us and the guest/crew seemed to enjoy themselves. We have been alone since we returned to Adventure July 13th and have enjoyed cruising just the two of us. The Admiral says I am getting whipped into pretty good shape.

We visited Holli/Taylor and Taylor's parents over July 4th in Fairhope, Al outside of Mobile. Had a great time in the laid back rapidly growing area. I had my first hair cut since Feb. The Admiral insisted. Was at the local Fairhope barber and I got my money's worth.

We have decided to put Adventure up for sale and cleaned her up and decluttered her really well before leaving her for Fairhope. On the way to Boston's Logan airport we drove through the infamous Big Dig/Ted Williams tunnel before it had been closed. What a mess now with the tunnel closed when going to and from Logan Airport to Boston. Adventure is now for sale on the Nordhavn and Yachtworld web sites. She is looking good. One of the lookers wanted to know if the owner was a surgeon as the boat was so clean!

Following our visit to Fairhope, we had a great visit with Wendi/Todd and Ryne. Ryne had really changed alot since I last saw him in January. He was talking lots more and moving around a lot better. We especially notieced this when we took him to an indoor McDonald's playground which we had also done in January. He was much more into things this time around. He is 2 1/2. With us he is very well behaved and seems very smart, he is very mechanical and loves trains, cars, NASCAR, football and baseball. He is the greatest surprise I have ever had as to how special he is and how important he is to both of us. His parents are very generous in sharing him with us. Since they both work the Admiral and I get to spend a lot of time with him by ourselves which is a lot different than being with him when Mom and Dad are around. The Admiral as usual spends a lot of time whipping him into shape. He calls her Ninny and me, Pa Pa. Pa Pa tends to let him have very wide boundaries which is often not too popular with the Admiral and Mom and Dad. He just got his new swing set set up at their new house and he is a happy boy. We'll be seeing him again right after Labor Day for another week.

We have been to many neat places since leaving Newport and heading North to Maine. We visited Nantuckett, Martha's Vineyard, transited Cape Cod Canal, Marblehead/ Salem Ma, Wentworth by the Sea Marriott Resort in Ma, Portsmouth NH, Portland/Falmouth/South Freeport, ME, LL Bean in South Freeport, Booth Bay Harbor, ME, Christmas Cove, ME, Camden, ME, Pulpit Harbor on North Haven Island, ME and tonight we are in Seal Harbor off of Vinalhaven Island, ME. As we have continued north we have gotten more away from dense cities which we like. We finally were able to anchor vs docking or being on a mooring the last 3 nights in Pulpit Harbor. We took to bikes ashore and rode yesterday and took them to church this morning in North Haven. All the church goers were well dressed and we were in very casual stuff which is all we have so we laid low. It was amazing the bikes worked since they had not been out of their bags since Alaska last summer. They are 6 years old and showing their age but they are OK.

We'll continue to head north but not leave Maine. We will be back in Newport, RI Aug. 26th prior to flying to Atlanta for Labor Day on Aug 29th. We have gotten the kayaks out and had several good days of kayaking, very good exercise. Have not done any fishing and do not plan to... too messy.

Adventure has been doing well. One of the fuel injectors is leaking which is tomorrow's project. We have been cleaning and polishing when ever possible.

So life is good, Maine is great.

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