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"Adventure" N62-22 - David and Karen Crannell

June 24, 2006

We arrived in Jamestown, RI yesterday at 945AM right on time
after our 671 mile passage from Bermuda. We had pretty good but
not perfect weather on the trip. Had a little sea sickness to deal with.
The skies were good until we got about 50 miles offshore then we ran
into weather, fog and rain. The water temp dropped from near 80 to
60 after we passed the gulf stream several hundred miles offshore,
amazing change in a short distance.

We are currently on our way to Martha's Vineyard (MV) off of Cape Cod, Mass.
The weather is rainy and 64 outside but it is nice inside Adventure. We have
the sat TV, cell phones and when in port internet access. What more could
you want!

We will be anchored or moored out at MV. We'll moor if a mooring is
available in Edgartown where we are headed. We were docked at Conanicut
Marina in Jamestown, RI last night. Nice Marina and town. We had a great
dinner ashore.

We visited Claws and Paws which is a store that caters to cats. They board
cats and let them run all around the store not caged, 24X7, they sit in the
windows and watch folks passing by the store. The trouble is the cats start
using the carpet and floor for doing their business, the place smells really
bad. We decide not to board Princess and Brodie there because they might
learn bad habits and we certainly do not need that aboard, home or in the
RV. We have another kitty condo to check out after we return to Conanicut
next Wednesday and a vet also so we'll find a place to watch Princess and
Brodie while we are gone to visit Holli/Taylor/Wendi/Todd and RYNE.

Max and Sandy have been enjoying their cruise aboard. They are winding down
well. We have really enjoyed their being aboard. Max is an old high school
friend of both Karen and myself. They are both career public educators who
have risen to the top of their profession. We have learned a lot about the
public education issues in our home state - a favorite subject of mine.

We were able to change a fuel transfer filter that was clogged - that fixed
the fuel problem aboard Adventure. The air conditioning I think had an air
bound pump, it worked itself out and the A/C is now working. We worked to
clean up the mess caused by the misaligned rubber coupling disintegrating on
our 24v hydraulic alternator. We cleaned most of it up and have the
required spare part but have not finished that job. The crew did some
stainless steel polishing yesterday and resupplied groceries, so yesterday
was a busy day for all after a very long previous day. The olde Capn slept
10 hrs last night and can use some more tonight. He was beat after the
passage and repairs yesterday.

It is foggy today and Max is driving while I am typing. We are about 1 1/2
hrs from Edgartown, we'll be in about 4 PM.

June 22, 2006

All is well aboard Adventure. We are 165 miles from Newport RI.
At 1420 EDT we are at Lat 39 07 N Long 69 43 W making 9 kts with
10 kts of wind from WSW, 4-6 ft waves, good ride. We'll be in port
tomorrow mid morning. Have seen two big ships today and are getting
US Coast Guard VHF radio broadcast so we are getting close and are
in safe waters within Coast Guard helicopter and VHF radio range.

Calmed a little today but still on the rough side for fishing, so no fishing
going on. Have not been able to get the A/C working. I think it is a
relatively simple issue with the sea water pump but until we are moored will
not be able to do much. Engine Room about 130 degrees so you do not last
long down there plus the boat motion gets you feeling poorly quickly. Have
to install another 24v alternator coupler and finish cleaning up the mess
from the first one disintegrating.

Doing laundry today and pumping a couple of fuel tanks dry. We'll need to
buy about 1700 gallons of diesel when we arrive, that is the amount we will
have used since Ft Lauderdale, not too bad for the time on the gen set and
distance involved.

The crew is all happy, getting along well and enjoying the nice seas. The
Admiral has been standing her share of watches for the first time ever, has
been nice. She has been up with me for the 9PM to 3AM shift and has let me
sleep some during that time.

If the weather is good and Adventure behaves we plan to be in Jamestown /
Newport only one day then off to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Islands in
Mass about 45 miles from Newport. We'll then return to Jamestown / Newport
June 28th. We fly to Mobile Ala to see Holli and Taylor on July 1st, then
July 5th to South Bend to see Wendi, Todd and RYNE, then back to Adventure
July 13th.

June 21, 2006

We are 300 miles from Newport RI, Lat 36 54 N Long 67 57 W at
2130 EDT. Seas have not been terrible but have not been fun today.
All the crew except Max have had slight bouts of sea sickness, nothing too bad.
Things got better this afternoon but the seas have picked up
slightly now but are OK. We all ate dinner and are feeling pretty good.
I got some sleep today and am ready for the 2100 to 0300 mid watch
with the Admiral. Hopefully we'll watch some more Deadwood, another
HBO show with no redeeming social value.

Our excitement for the day was meeting the US Coast Guard Cadet training
ship Eagle. She is on her way from the US Coast Guard Academy at New London
Conn. to Hamilton Bermuda, then to San Juan PR, then back to New London.
There are 150 cadets aboard and 40 USGC crew, captained by a full USGC 4
stripe Captain, an O-6! The Eagle is a tall ship and she was in full sail,
beautiful. The Officer of the Deck under instruction was friendly and let me
ask him many questions. They are almost 300 ft long, 171 ft tall, 17 ft
draft. They can sail over 11 kts. The rising seniors run the ship under
instruction by the regular USCG personnel and the 4th class cadets are the
grunts. We were able to pass her close on her starboard side and got some
great photos. If we ever get good internet access and my PC to work we'll
post some pictures. My PC is not behaving as far as logging onto networks at
the moment.

Max and Sandy are great crew. They are fast learners. Sandy is like me and
ask lots of questions. Max is a high school friend.

We have had hopefully our three breaks for the trip today. 1. The 24v
hydraulic alternator sheared its drive rubber coupling making a mess in the
engine room and making us run the generator all the time in order to have
110v power. We cleaned up the mess in the 130 degree engine room as best we
could. As the rubber melted it sheared off and stuck to everything it
touched. We have a spare rubber drive coupling so we can fix the problem.
Apparently the 24v alternator was not properly aligned which I knew because
Milt on Bluewater when touring the ER mentioned that improper alignment
caused the rubber to come off. I realigned them in Bermuda but obviously I
was not successful. I'll now seek professional help. 2. the A/C stopped
working. It is a new problem, the A/C saltwater pump comes on, the units
blow air but then shut off. Need to trouble shoot this again - hopefully the
wiring needs to be tightened for the SW pump. I do not think the pump is
running full speed but not sure. 3. The transfer fuel filter seems to be
clogging up indicating it is doing its job but that we have debris in our
fuel. Maybe coming from the fuel that was in the waste oil tank and which I
transferred out to use and to leave the tank empty. Hopefully cleaning and
replacing the filter will solve this one. We usually have problems in 3's so
I hope this is all for this passage. I was feeling good as the to do list
was manageable and not urgent...that changed today.

We did not fish today due to the sea conditions. The Eagle crew occasionally
fish and they were doing so today.

The Eagle was the only vessel we saw today, pretty lonely out here. We are
scheduled to arrive Newport RI, Friday morning.

THE HEAT WON-- Thanks for Dennis Parker for sending us an email. He lives in
Dallas and was a good loser but not happy! I would think my favorite Dwayne
Wade won MVP honors, if not he deserved it. He is a remarkable player and
person. Hopefully fame and lots of money will not change him too much.

June 20th, 2006

We departed Bermuda this morning at 830AM. We were ready to
leave at 800AM but were held up by an incoming cruise ship.
The weather has been great today, 10 kts of wind from behind
us, 2 ft waves and a 6ft swell with a long period. Temperature is
85 with clear skies.

Our 6PM EDT position is Lat 33 41. 37 N Long 65 29.32 W. We are 529 miles
from Newport RI and 110 miles from Bermuda. We have had two fish strikes.
Both got away. One got off and one got away after spooling our Penn 50 reel
of 600 yards of line plus our wahoo lure.

We have passed 60 to 100 sailboats in the Newport to Bermuda race. The winds
have been unfavorable for the race and the going has been slow. It was
thought all boats would be in by tonight but it will be another day or two
before the 252 boats all arrive. The fastest and biggest will arrive this
afternoon late.

Max and Sandy Ramos, our new crew, are doing well. They are both educators
in the Pasco County school system and are fast learners. Seas have been easy
so the Admiral has been standing a watch. We have given each couple a 6 hr
watch period to split up as they like. I worked during my shift on the boat
project list and the Admiral drove. I was told in the future to be more
attentive to the watch schedule and work on my off hours, I said yes Sir!

Max and Sandy brought some Godiva Chocolates which we have been enjoying.
They also bought several more TV series on DVD so we'll be watching the
second season of Deadwood starting on our watch tonight.

We really enjoyed Bermuda, clean place, friendly people, lots to do, most
beautiful blue water anywhere, riding scooters (I may get a Harley when we
settle down). We stayed busy for our 3 weeks there. We left early because
the weather was good to leave and we did not want to get stuck there with
poor weather. The weather probably will not stay this good the whole way but
it is certainly nice now. The only bad thing about Bermuda is that it is
very expensive.

It is very interesting to talk about education with Sandy and Max. They have
both been school principals and Sandy is now the number two person in Pasco
County Schools, a 9,000 employee district. there is certainly a lot going on
in the schools, some of which is educating kids!

We have been enjoying watching the world cup on TV. It is a very big deal
in Bermuda. Also our Miami Heat are doing well. We'll miss tonight's game so
send us the score! Hopefully we'll have direct TV in time if there is a game
7, I hope there is not a game 7 as that will mean the Heat win tonight.

June 15, 2006

All is well here in Bermuda. We had a work day today. Karen
worked aboard Adventure and the olde Capn dove the boat and
cleaned the bottom. The bottom was full of "christmas tree" growth
and was very "dirty", the dingy bottom was also very dirty. The
whole thing took all day - more time than was expected. I got sea
sick while cleaning and had to take a lunch break.

We had our final cocktail party with Milt and Judy from Bluewater. They will
be moving to St George's harbor tomorrow prior to their departure for Maine
on Saturday. They have been waiting two extra weeks for good crossing
weather. The passage of storm Alberto has cleaned up the weather allowing
them a window to depart. We have really enjoyed getting to know the two
other Nordhavn owners we have met here, Jim on Summer Skis and Judy and Milt
on Bluewater. We will move to St Georges prior to departing Bermuda.

The Newport to Bermuda sailing race starts tomorrow from Newport RI. The
fastest boats will get here in two to three days, the others three or four
days. With 270 boats coming it is going to get really crowded here and busy
at the yacht club. It will be very interesting.

Our new crew Max and Sandy Ramos arrive Sunday. We will depart as soon as we
get a good weather window. It's supposed to be windy and rainy tonight as
the outer bands of Alberto pass us. We went to the beach for some walking
and to the local gardens to view the Bermuda plant life. The gardens were
free and were nice. Karen is still not comfortable riding the scooter but
does it so we can get around. I am getting pretty comfortable driving the
scooter, I just have to be very alert and focused as I drive.

Nice to drive here on holidays since the traffic is slow. We were at the
weekly sidewalk festival last night and Karen says to me, I think we know
that person over there. Turns out is was Ga Tech's head men's basketball
coach, Paul Hewitt. We had met coach Hewitt at Ga Tech a couple of years
ago. He is a terrific person and has been a great coach for Ga Tech. His
wife has family here in Bermuda and they have visited with their family
several times. They were very gracious as we interrupted their sidewalk

We have been watching the World Cup Football tournament and really enjoying
it. The USA did terrible the first game and is basically out of contention
but it is great to see the world competing in a peaceful manner and coming
together. Must kill the terrorists to see such harmony.

June 13, 2006

We resent this as we got error message on the first transmission. Seems to be
some problems with winlink. All is well with us. Lets Go Heat tonight!

We are anchored in Hamilton Harbor where we have been since June 8th. The
weather has been pretty good, some rain and mostly sunny. Temperature in
80's. Wind 15 MPH or so although was 25 two days ago. We have been being
lazy. Watching the French Open on TV, World Cup, Deadwood on DVD and NBA
Finals (ugh), we can get NBC/ABC/CBS on our free to air antenna - that has
been a blessing. We have been riding the scooter touring Bermuda and doing
some walking. There is an abandoned railway that goes the length of the
island. We've taken many fine walks along the RR's 15 miles. Went to beach
one day and got some sun. Paid $28 for renting two lounge chairs and an
umbrella. Things are expensive here. We have been eating aboard, so we have
kept the spending down. We hosted the crews from the other two Nordhavns for
dinner last night. We had 7 folks plus the kitties. Learned how to use the
grill in high wind. We have been aboard the 47 for another cocktail party.
The anchorage is nice, close to town. We have been able to continue to use
the dingy dock at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, dump trash there, get ice
and make it home base. We thank the other Nordhavns for getting us into the
yacht club. That has made the stay much more pleasant.

The other Nordhavns a 43 "Summer Skis" and 47 "Bluewater" were to leave June
6th but have been held up by poor weather between here and Rhode Island. Now
there is the tropical storm Alberto so they are delayed for at least three
more days. The weather pattern should be getting more favorable for a
transit so hopefully we'll not be delayed.

The 100th anniversary edition of the Newport to Bermuda Yacht race is
scheduled to start June 16th. This year, because it is the 100th
anniversary, there are 270 boats. They will invade the yacht club and
Bermuda in general, in addition to the cruise ships. So it will be
interesting with all those yachties here. Some of them are world class
Bluewater sailors.

The cruise ships come here on Monday thru Thursday. The place is more
peaceful the other days. Last week one of the Norwegian ships ran aground.
They were able to pull it off the reef when the tide rose to high - not sure
how much damage was done to the ship. The grounding was the talk of Bermuda
for a few days. The other day someone got killed riding a scooter. The
victim was a local, known because all rentals have white helmets and the
victim had a black helmet. Many of the young locals drive like fools - no
wonder they get killed. The foolish young local drivers speed and pass you
on the inside of your lane. The traffic here is terrible especially at rush
hour. There are many re-insurance companies here plus headquarters for other
companies so they have a big rush hour M-F at 8 and 5 entering and leaving

Our winlink has been acting strange so we have lost any messages that were
sent since June 5th to winlink. So if you sent us something important after
June 5th please send again. While we are anchored in the harbor you can also
send emails to our hotmail address as we are getting wi fi connections to
the internet at anchor.

We have added some pictures to the web site, still not totally up to date as
of yet, we are up to date to the Panama Canal.

June 3, 2006

We are now crewless as first mate Bob left today to return to the
real world. He was sad to leave and so were we. He has been with
us for 10 weeks from Costa Rica to Bermuda. He was an excellent first mate,
dependable, friendly, courteous, hard working, intelligent,
funny, adaptable, thick skinned, great for Adventure.

We worked today to clean up, temporarily shutting down Hotel Adventure.
Lots to do on the work list but also lots of time to accomplish the items
on the list.

The anchorage here is good. The only problem is the wakes from many
smaller boats speeding by. But other than that great. We can live with one

Weather has been nice here. It got hotter today and was nice.

We were excited the Miami Heat won the Eastern Division of the NBA, I have
been a big Heat fan since Shaq joined them. We are going to try to watch
the Suns-Mavs game tonight but it may get too late for us.

June 1, 2006

We left the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club dock this afternoon and
are now anchored off Hamilton City in a nice harbor. We get some
wave from the ferry boats but the anchorage is well protected and
not too crowded.

All our guests left except Bob who leaves Saturday. Then Karen and I will be
alone for three weeks. We are looking forward to the quiet time and
exploring Bermuda.

Everyone loved Bermuda, saying it is the cleanest place they had ever been
and that the scenery was tremendous. The natives are 80% friendly and 40%
very friendly, pretty good numbers. Lots of Brits and long-time residents
here. There are 65,000 residents. We were able to get our visa extended
today so we can stay more than the standard 3 weeks, no problem. We have
been eating out every night and getting fat on the food and drinks.
Hopefully we'll get some exercise to work off some of the excess. Our guests
all arrived back to the real world with no problems. We have rented a
scooter for our whole stay, about the same price as renting a car in the
USA. Lots of scooter parking places, not very many car parking places and
you cannot rent a car here.

The weather turned nasty yesterday and has stayed that way today, a little
rainy and cloudy, wind 10 to 20 kts, not like the first 5 days. Not such a
great place with clouds and rain. Not sure when it will clear up. We have
met up with two other Nordhavns and had dinner last night with the owners of
Bluewater. They are very experienced cruisers and he is a retired Naval
Officer who was in Public Affairs (but not like the ones some of our crew
got in)! We had fun talking about cruising and our boats and the people at
Nordhavn who are very special. Milt was in charge of the North Atlantic
Rally that Nordhavn sponsored in 2004 where 19 boats went from Ft Lauderdale
to the Mediterranean with no problems. Summer Skis and Bluewater are
supposed to leave for the USA Saturday but the weather may delay them for
several days. They may be joining us here in the anchorage after they refuel

Looking forward to the weather straightening up and doing some more sight
seeing and beaching it. We toured some of Hamilton today and discovered a
neat grocery store, with everything but also high prices. The duty put on
everything that comes in makes things more expensive here. Restaurants have
all been very expensive but also very good. The wine is very expensive due
to the duty. Restaurant food is like in USA and the fish dishes are great,
especially Wahoo. Lots of cruise ships call here and some stay for several
days. A cruise ship that stayed in port for several days would be an
inexpensive way to visit this place. You need several days to get the feel
for Bermuda. The island is about 30 miles long and a couple of miles wide in
most places. It is shaped like a fish hook and we are in the curve of the
hook here in Hamilton.

We'll be using both dinghies as Bob is having dinner with friends and on his
own itinerary.

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