June 4, 2001

Today is June 4th and we have just anchored in Bechers Bay on Santa Rosa Island in the Channel Islands. Tomorrow we will head around Pt. Conception (yawn) and on up to one of our favorite memory places -- Port San Luis, where we spent a lovely week getting the trasnmission fixed on our Marine Trader in Sept. of 1999.

Things are very different. Pt. C no longer looms as one of the world's great traumas, although we do expect it to be a bit rough. No worse than the trip up from Baja--all things are now measured against that.

We spent 3 weeks in Ensenada and got the teak painted forest green. We spent 4 weeks in Dana Point doing some warranty work (not totally finished yet) and also added cockpit carpeting and a forest green canopy over the cockpit. Now, if we EVER get into sunny conditions we can sit out there well protected. There is some sun somewhere I hope.

We will stop overnight at Pt. San Luis, San Simeon, Monterey, and Half Moon Bay. When we do get to the Bay, we plan to do lots of long weekends out of the slip and plan to spend some time in the Delta!! Looking forward to meeting up with some of you on the water.

We will be berthed in San Leandro. Major glitch on the berth in Ballena. We are still paying for it, but can't use it as a live-aboard. Long story. I have much research to do to figure out how to have a safety net if we NEED to be in the Bay area for a long period of time some time in the future. There are NO liva-aboard slips of this size, but there are lots of waiting lists.

Donna Sherwin
M/V Four Seasons Heading North


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