April 1, 2002 - We arrived in Panama on Friday March 29 which was Good Friday. I can tell you that there is no worse day in the year to arrive anywhere in Central or South America than Good Friday - nobody is open, no one is working. So we had to sit here over the weekend and wait for officialdom to re-open Monday (today). Peter Stevens is our agent and he is fabulous - please recommend him to anyone making the trip. I believe P.A.E. is already well acquainted with him but I want to add my recommendation as well. Peter has us transiting tomorrow which I think is amazing under the circumstances.

The boat is functioning flawlessly although we did run into some rough seas again just as we entered the Gulf of Panama and our forward AC unit again became vapor locked, but we knew how to fix it and had it up and running in short order. We are at the Balboa Yacht Club and there is a mix of sail boaters and power cruisers here either waiting to go through the Canal or having just made the transit. The N40 seems to be of interest to almost everyone - we have had some very favorable comments as well as a lot of interesting questions.

We expect tomorrow to be a long but extraordinarily interesting day.

April 16, 2002 - While we were away from the boat today Dick Daniel apparently cruised into the marina here in Boca Grande on a friend's boat. He saw "Pilgrim" and left us a note. The fellow on the boat in the slip next to ours said Dick was very excited and surprised to see another 40 just like his - his note indicated that his, "Bay Gypsy" is on the East Coast of Florida. Considering how small the marina is here in Boca Grande, it is an astonishing coincidence, indeed, to have another N40 owner happen on our boat. Dick told the fellow next to us that he was staying at a hotel here on the island and planned to come back tomorrow. I hope he does. We feel like we are star crossed - the "Rusty Liner" in Cayman and now the "Bay Gypsy" here in Florida.

It seems you just can't go anywhere now days without bumping into a Nordhavn 40.


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