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Norman and Patricia Cole of Louisville, KY, took delivery of their new boat "Pilgrim" in the beginning of 2002 and have spent the past 2 months preparing her for a journey south that will take them from southern California, around Mexico, through the Panama Canal and on to Florida. They left Dana Point earlier this month.

March 8, 2002 - We made it to La Paz from in good time. Beautiful weather and sea conditions. The boat is performing admirably. We came in after dark so this morning we must find the port office and check in. Romero's did a great job (I think -perhaps I should delay judgment until we have this first "go" with the Mexican government) but I am sure everything will be in order.

Our only problems continue to have to do with our electronics but nothing major. The chart plotter, radar, and automatic pilot functioned flawlessly. The watermaker is making water so fast that we may have to build an ark. Rick did a great job on the additions to the Livingston. Anyone who opts for a Livingston ought to be given a "heads up" on what a great option the console represents. It takes care of the trim and makes the whole unit function much better. I would also recommend that anyone with a Livingston tender be given the option of removable chocks. I personally think they should be standard with the Livingston on the boat deck.

We will spend two more days here then off to Acapulco where we will change captains. Tony Cozad has been great and I would strongly recommend him to others. We are looking forward to Dan Brown (an experienced captain and good friend of PAE's). I am so glad he was able to make the trip even if it turns out to be only part of the way.

My next task is to get in contact with Alcom. Our wind indicator has become schizophrenic - the needle spins like a top which either means it is malfunctioning or that we came all the way down in the eye of a hurricane. Our sea temperature indicator which is part of the fishfinder/depthfinder reads no less the 106.8 degrees. I suggested giving it antibiotics but Tony says that isn't going to help. We have read the book but cannot correctly calibrate the unit with what directions we have been given. Neither are big problems.

Incidentally, the cabinet with the TV and computer works great. They have not moved a millimeter. I am also happy to report that every spice remains in its appointed place.

March 10 - We left Cabo last night about 9 p.m. local time. It is now almost 3 p.m. and we have made about 130 nm so we are averaging about 7 kts. Seas are a bit rough. Like the ad says, "Thank goodness for stabilizers".

Tony Cozad, our captain, has calculated our arrival in Acapulco some time in the late afternoon on March 14. There seems to be no reason barirng the unforeseen that we will not make it. At worst it will be early on the 15th. At that point we'll meet up with Capt. #2 Dan Brown. We'll call Dan on the sat phone to confirm.

March 27 - The AC's are up and running thank goodness - the potential for an air lock in the system is not mentioned in the Nordhavn manual nor in the manufacturer's. It might be a good addition to consider. For those familiar with pumps and having the knowledge that some may not be self-priming, the cause might be obvious. To the rest of us it was not but we are very happy that it could be solved so easily. It is mucho caliente down here.

Costa Rica has been beautiful. Last night we stopped and anchored over night off a gorgeous beach in a protected cove which is part of a Costa Rican national park at Quepos - like out of a travel brochure only better.

As I am writing this, we are crossing into Panama averaging about 8 kts at 1750 rpm - expect to be at the Canal on Friday. The boat is performing flawlessly. Our desire for creature comforts such as air conditioning has nothing to do with the real mission of the boat and that is to dependably go from Point A to Point B. It's kind of like the little engine that could - fill me with fuel, point me in the direction you want to go and I will get you there…and don't interfere. We are glad to be along for the ride.

Weather has been perfect with only one bad stretch and it wasn't Tehuantepec. It occurred right after we left Tehuantepec.


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