Tuesday, August 7, 2001 - We haven't been able to write since Sitka - over a month! And we've done so much since then. Our guests from the South landed on a glorious day and then it was crummy from then on for them. They did get to see some whales - a pod of Orcas swam very close to our boat…within about 30 feet. We caught some crab and had a crab dinner, crab cocktails. Crab omelets and crab cakes. One of the guys caught a King salmon. While they were here, we rafted to another boat, anchored, had a hair-raising episode in windy weather trying to get water…I'm not quite sure what they thought of their trip!

We went to Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm where we had a great deal of fun watching the ice calve. At Tracy Arm we saw a huge bulge in the water develop. It got bigger and bigger, and we didn't really now when it was going to stop. It was ice calving from underneath the water. It produced a berg about the size of a house.

Tom caught his first halibut and what a fish it was! 55 inches - 85 lbs. Tht's a nice halibyut.

We're back in Ketchikan for one night. Our little group went on and we'll be with the again tomorrow. We have started south and probably will be home the end of August. Ketchikan is a lot different now from the freezing sideways sleet that we had in May. It's a beautiful, warm day. This might be our last email stop.

Today is the 102nd day of our trip…can you believe that?


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