Tom and Linda Selman, left their home base of Everson, WA, in early May for their summer voyage up to Alaska on board "Prime Time". For them, the months cruised by - in more ways than one!

Friday, May 18, 2201 - We are in Ketchikan and have our first opportunity to read/send email at an internet café. We are in day 21 of this big adventure. We are having rain, rain, rain! We've experienced only one bad day of really big rolling swells crossing Queen Charlotte Strait - it was a very long day. We've hooked up with three other boats, two of which have Alaska experience; they are Jericho from Puyallup, WA and Prime Time (can you believe that?) from Portland, OR, and Summer Home from Cut and Shoot, TX (can you believe that?) We sat out a real nasty day of sideways rain and terrible wind with snow down low in the mountains that surround us. Coming in to Ketchikan yesterday, we were overtaken by friends of ours from Bellingham who were delivering a charter boat to Ketchikan. We're having dinner with them tonight. Also, we ran into another boat, Golddigger, that a Birmingham friend, Tony Bergen told us to be on the watch out for. Small world!

From here we will go to Wrangell and Petersburg and spend the month of June in and around Sitka. We have to change our itinerary because of the experienced people we're traveling with who are advising us where to be and when. Still, we'll be in Sitka to pick up friends from Tennessee on July 3. July will find us in Icy Strait, close to Glacier Bay. More later from Juneau.



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