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Yet another Nordhavn has embarked on an exciting adventure. This time it’s Ken and Roberta Williams who are heading out to explore the great unknown – well, unknown to them, anyway. The duo will be cruising about 2,000 miles from Mexico to Costa Rica.

The Williamses are no strangers to traveling via Nordhavn. They purchased their Nordhavn 62, Sans Souci, in 1998 and traveled up and down the West Coast as well as crossed the Atlantic on her as part of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally.

They sold her shortly after the NAR’s conclusion, opting to play in the Bahamas on a 27’ Glacier Bay while waiting for their new Nordhavn 68 to finish construction. They took delivery of their new Sans Souci last August, brought her up to Seattle and then back down to San Diego to participate in the FUBAR rally. It was a nice warm-up to their current journey, although Ken admits to being nervous. “The rally was much easier because there were other boats around. Doing this alone will be a whole new experience.”

Thankfully for all of us, Ken is letting us in on the experience with him through his excellent blog. We’ll be updating this site with each new entry Ken submits, but if you’d rather have a copy or the report sent directly to your inbox, click here. Greetings all.


November 26, 2008

Greetings all!

It has been months since I have sent out an update on Sans Souci. I have been posting blog entries almost daily, but haven’t been sending them out. My rule is to only send out my blog updates to my full mailing list when Roberta and I are actually on the boat.

Many of you have written to ask what has happened with my boat, and if it is still in Costa Rica….

This will be old news to those of you that have been going to my website regularly, but I am very happy to report that Sans Souci has arrived in Seattle! We had originally planned to ship the boat via Yachtpath, but they weren’t able to move the boat. After six months of trying, we gave up and hired a delivery crew to run the boat north on its own bottom. The 4,000 nm run north was quite eventful. Sans Souci was chased up the coast of Central America and Mexico by two different hurricanes, and the western coast of the US was not much better.

Roberta and I are now deep into planning our next big adventure. We’ll be kicking off our circumnavigation May 1st 2009, with a 5,000 nm run to Japan, via Alaska, the Aleutians, the Bering Sea, and Siberia.

We won’t be travelling alone. We’ve formed a semi-rally of four boats, which we’ve jokingly nicknamed the “Great Siberian Sushi Run,” and we’re calling ourselves “The Wrong Way Gang,” as we’ll be fighting head seas and currents for many thousands of miles.


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