Sprague has always had an affinity for the sea and for telling a good story. From his 3 year stint on the America's Cup yacht Intrepid to his private voyages from Alaska through the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean, Sprague has over 50,000 deep water miles under his belt. His look at The America's Cup in "The 25th Defense" won him an Emmy Award and his most recent work, "Welcome to Nordhavn" was pivotal in boosting the company's sales in 2007. In Summer 2009, Sprague and his crew of sailors, filmmakers and divers took on the Northwest Passage in a Nordhavn57 in order to explore and document the Arctic in high-definition for his next film - The Northwest Passage. BAGAN and her crew were the first team to successfully complete the Passage in Summer 2009, and made it through with only a few scratches (see the blog below for graphic details ). About halfway through their journey through the passage, BAGAN was trapped in ice and had to push, plow and break their way through heavy ice. An unbelievable testament to the quality construction and engineering of a Nordhavn. Learn more about Sprague and his upcoming film at the Websites below.

BLOG LINK direct to story of BAGAN ramming her way through ice without a scratch

Link is direct to VIDEO page with clip of Nordhavn Video