Owner: Tom & Mary Jane Morgan
Boat: "Wings"
Type: Nordhavn 35-03

My husband and I bought Nordhavn 35 Hull #3, Wings in October 2001 at Dana Point, California. We were the previous owners of a motor sailor (Fisher 37) and had spent eight years on the East Coast of the United States with her. We lived aboard about 8 months a year and traveled between Maine and the Bahamas with our main base in Key West, Florida. We loved our boat, but thought it was time to upgrade and also, make life easier (no sails). Tom had spent 36 years in the Coast Guard and wanted a safe boat. The Nordhavn met all of his specifications.

After wintering in California and Mexico, we shipped Wings to Savannah, Georgia. She came through in marvelous shape and we were able to take off on April 13, 2002 for our home in northern Michigan. It was quite exciting to be able to go 8 to 9 kts comfortably and to not have to worry about hitting the bottom in the ICW. We also knew that we could "kick it Up a notch" as Emeril Lagossi says. We had been up and down the ICW many times before and were always rushing to make the next port or worrying about depths. What a great experience this trip would be!

And it was! We had finished about 2,200 nm in a little less than two months ending our trip on June 4, 2002. Tom and I can't say enough about our Nordhavn 35. It is so comfortable to live on (and believe me I know after eight years on our motor sailor) and easy to handle. We often start up in the morning and wonder what we have forgotten to do.


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