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Owner: Al and Dona Holmes
Boat: "Free Flight"
Type: Nordhavn 40-07

We've just completed 4 months of uninterrupted cruising in "Free Flight", our Nordhavn 40 #7. We had a great time while our confidence in the boat, as well as ourselves, continues to grow. To Alaska and back, adding another 600 hours to the main engine (now 1350 total time) without missing a beat. Sure, we've hit a few submerged logs, broken a little ice here and there, but the experiences didn't leave a mark on us; not even an engine room scar/rash as a remembrance of the trip. I'd like to say that I didn't use a box of bandages on this trip because of my improved mechanical prowess but, other that three oil changes with my new X-changer system, the most mechanical thing I've had to do is pull two dip sticks every day and occasionally check the coolant level. Says a lot for the boat's reliability when all these different systems, floating around in close formation, work as well as they do together. We enjoyed seeing Jim on the #21 boat in Yes Bay and we really like the changes made. They just keep getting better and better.

Al and Dona Holmes


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