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Owner: Eric and Ann Bloomquist
Boat: "Kiva"
Type: Nordhavn 40-29

We are currently anchored at a small island north of Cedros, about 230 nm south of Ensenada. We will probably take off tomorrow, Tuesday and go to Ensenada directly or with no more than one stop. We should arrive in Ensenada Wed. or Thurs.

KIVA has been magnificent on this trip. We have come 762 nm miles from Puerto Vallarta and she has not missed a beat. Electronics, AP, Naiads (except for gyro leaks!), everything has been flawless. After our first 24 hours out of PV, we have had at least 15-20k and 4-6' all the way. We have had a number of stretches where we had 25k+ and 10-12'. For the most part, we have done long passages with few stops. Or longest was 69 hours direct from PV to Mag Bay. We are still traveling with Four Seasons.

It is interesting how the capability and comfort of this boat changes your perspective. Most of the boats we talk to along this Baja Bash seem to consider a good traveling window to be 5-10k and smooth seas. Even most of the other "trawlers" are usually whining about how bad it is. Yesterday, we decided to move 60 miles up to this island because the forecast was only for 15-20k with 6' seas. It is not a macho thing, just a wonderful confidence in the comfort and capability of KIVA. Two nights ago, the wind had built to 25-30k with 10-12'. This inspired my daughter to cook steaks, open a bottle of wine, and put a tape in the VCR. All this from a 22-year-old who left PV last week on her first time at sea! We certainly are not facing really big stuff, it's just that these boats raise the bar on what is considered to be "normal" or comfortable to heights most folks don't understand. Every day, I marvel at the ability of Kiva - and look forward to 47-15!


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