Owner(s): Chris Samuelson and Sonaia Hermida
Boat: "Goleen"
Type: Nordhavn 57#29

We have a Nordhavn 57 that was delivered to us in Seattle and is now in
Southern Spain after 12,000 miles of voyaging. She was shipped from Taiwan
to Dana Point and fitted out there and then brought to Seattle for us. We
have journeyed around the San Juan Islands and then to California stopping
for some warranty work at Dana Point before heading South through the Panama
Canal and up the Caribbean to Florida and Port Stuart where PAE rectified a
few additional items. We participated in the NAR crossing the Atlantic via
Bermuda and the Azores to Gibraltar. This summer our plans were disrupted by
onshore matters so we did not cruise as planned but we will live on board
for the next several years. We may upgrade later to a larger Nordhavn.

Nordhavns are very well engineered and subject to constant improvements. PAE
is a family company that listens to its owners and supports them very
well.You have a problem, you call PAE and they are immediately on the case.
Most of their suppliers react in a similar fashion, particularly Alaskan
Diesel (makers of Luggers and Northern Lights generators). We had an issue
with our wing engine which had unexpected corrosion inside discovered when
being serviced in April. It was bad enough to need to be replaced. PAE paid
for the new wing engine shipping it from the US to Spain. It was a tricky
job to remove the old one and get the replacement in place. We believe that
a faulty valve allowed seawater back into the engine. Anyway the new one is
working fine. Our 57 was one of the few that has John Deere main and wing
engines. At the time of production, the new electronically controlled
Luggers were not available. They are based on the same John Deere block but
marinized by Alaska Diesel. I would happily choose a Lugger for my Nordhavn
first but the Deere is an excellent engine too.

With all new boats, you have to run them in and there will be things that
fail. That's boats! I was President for three years of a large European boat
builder known for its high quality in the early 1980s and I learned a lot
more about boat building, design and quality plus the painful side. PAE has
always impressed me and my salesman, Dennis Lawrence, is a very good person
to deal with. Dennis will check everything on your new boat and spend a week
or so showing you how to operate and maintain her. He came to Seattle for us
and spent at least a week with us. It was invaluable.

In our view, the Nordhavn range is easily the best ocean capable production
power boat today. No other builder gets remotely close to their package of
quality, support and seaworthiness. You will have many admirers where ever
you go. Sea going people are most impressed, particularly those who voyage
far and wide. Of course, there are things that might suit one better in the
design but Jeff (Leishman)must be the best designer of such power boats
today. Dan and Jim are readily available and will involve themselves
instantly sorting out any problems or requirements of Nordhavn owners. We
have met several past
owners who bought another larger boat and then came back to Nordhavn. Most
of those wanted bigger when PAE did not make bigger but now the extended
range covers almost all needs.

Our advice is simple. If you want a power vessel that will take you anywhere
in comfort and safely, buy a Nordhavn. They are undoubtedly the best of
breed. PAE provides outstanding support. The only issue is which model!

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