Owner: Bill & Arline Smith
Boat: "Autumn Wind"
Type: Nordhavn 62-19

I saw my first Nordhavn 62 in Indonesia in 1994 and fell in love. Now my wife Arline and I have just finished a wonderful trip aboard our own 62, hull number 19. We took delivery in May 2001, then traveled to Alaska and back to Dana Point for some minor warranty work. After that, we went on to Mexico, the South Pacific, through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale and up the east coast to the Chesapeake Bay where we left Autumn Wind for the winter. In just 18 months we have traveled just under 20,000 nautical miles. Not bad for a start.

Now that that's behind us, Arline and I would like to express our gratitude for all the attention and help with problems great and small. Not once did I hear "call the manufacturer". P.A.E. did that for us. While in Alaska that first summer, we had an inverter go out. We saw Jim Leishman who was also up there on a Nordhavn 40 and told him the problem. The next thing we know, a 90-lb. box containing the new inverter arrives for us and Jim climbs aboard to install it himself. Now that is what I call service. This same inverter would once again find its way into our lives in Mexico. This time, (N62 Project Manager) Trever Smith arrived carrying the inverter, which he installed for us. Again, great service. The next occasion happened in West Palm Beach Florida where we had stopped for some routine work. Here James Knight, as associate of P.A.E., informed us we needed to have the boat hauled to replace six two-inch through hull fittings with no charge to us. Short story, the factory found a batch of fittings with improper stainless balls, so they were to be replaced.

It seems we never tie up or drop the anchor without drawing a crowd. So many people look at us and want to see it. We even stop bridge traffic. Tug boat captains call and ask if we are for real, a ferryboat captain calls to say he's never seen a real one before. Yes, the boat is a people-stopper, which shows the skill and art that go into it.

Arline and I would like to let everyone know how much we appreciate the time and care P.A.E. has put into making our experiences with our Nordhavn 62, Autumn Wind, a joy and delight - the best of the best. We know the future holds many more delights and adventures.

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