Owner: Wayne Almquist

Nordhavn Atlantic Rally crew

It seems like yesterday that I returned from Florida to start the great adventure of living out one of my dreams. I was excited at the chance to cross the Atlantic Ocean, but my dreams did not even come close to the great time I had. Everyone was so nice, and so interesting, and so much fun. The weather was better than I could have hoped for, and the places we visited were great. The highlight of the trip for me was coming into Horta harbor in the Azores. I had read about this place for most of my life. To dock in the harbor with over 400 sailboats, all crossing the Atlantic this year. To look at all the paintings on the walls of the harbor. Historic names, great boats and some of just a family living the dream. To eat and drink at Peter's Sport Cafe, with all the flags and banners from all the great early Atlantic crossings. I will always grateful to the (NAR participants Hal and Linda Wyman) for giving me the chance to "live the dream".

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