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N47 “Nexus” 47#24
Owners: Larry and DeeDee Biggs

(Note: This was a letter addressed to PAE Vice-President Jim Leishman)


I have hardly communicated with you since purchasing the boat. I know you probably get lots of these letters and that is a compliment to you and your staff.  We have been out just over one year now and are in Florida to have our last warranty items addressed.

Over the year we have been so impressed by how reliable the boat has been and how responsive your staff has been when we have had problems.  All of my salty friends told us we could not leave Florida to go down to Venezuela via the Caribbean without a shakeout cruise first.  We left and never looked back and the boat has been great.  As I shared in an earlier letter, John

Hoffman was nothing short of fantastic during our commissioning.  Once we stared cruising – even when we had a few problems – your staff was very responsive.  Early in our trip, our inverter failed in the Caribbean and Dave Harlow and John Hoffman had one to us within a week.  My davit has been the one thorn in our side, but again, Dave has given us full authority to get it fixed each time we had problems.  (Unfortunately, it has been one of those intermittent problems and of course will work when we are in a place where a hydraulic guy is available.)

We are still infants compared to other cruisers, but have put about 5,000 miles on the boat. After our current stop in Florida, we are going through the canal and then on to Alaska and the South Pacific.  We have not decided which way we are going first.  (Any suggestions?)  We would like to find some other boats to join us down to the South Pacific.

Another compliment to your boat is that my wife was planning on flying down to the South Pacific while I took the boat down with a crew.  However, after being on the boat, she has grown very confident in the boat and now intends to take the trip along with our 4 ½-year-old daughter.  When on watch, she now even calls out to freighters with their position to arrange safe passing.

Not to sound corny, but over the past year we have been so impressed with how well thought out the boat is.  Having our 4 ½-year-old girl, the high sides have been perfect.  We have had a few problems in the engine room such as a generator exhaust elbow fail, a raw water pump fail, and it has been such a pleasure to be able to move around comfortably in the engine room to repair the problems. I replaced the raw water pump in less than 40 minutes. (My last boat took hours.)  My wife has even changed the oil on the generator.

As we cruise, the many PAE design advantages come in to action:  the dry exhaust, a great propulsion engine, the best stabilizers, the full-length keel with protected prop, the weight of the boat, etc. etc.  Allow me to give you just two small examples.

In Venezuela, we purchased fuel for $0.07 per gallon.  However, it had lots of water in it.  The design of the saddle tanks being higher and feeding to the supply tank provided a simple and easy method of draining the water out when necessary – even if I did not polish the fuel first. Not to mention, the Racor water alarm that alerted us to the need to drain the tank.

Also along the coast of Venezuela we were cruising to the ABC islands overnight at about 2 AM. Two small boats with no lights 35 miles off the coast had a fishing net spread over some distance.  We went right over the fishing net.  However, the design of the full length keel and protected prop

allowed us to go over the net and not get anything entangled in the prop. This full length keel also saved us one time when we were at anchor in 20 feet of water.  A front came in during the middle of the night and we ended up sitting on something that was only five feet under the water.  We were amazed to learn the next day that we were balanced perfectly on top of an uncharted sunken boat.  There was no damage except some paint rubbed off the bottom and we went on our way the next day with no problem.

It is rare that you love something more than a year after purchasing it.

If you get a chance and have an interest, you can take a look at our website at

Thanks for the great work, Jim.

Larry Biggs
M/V Nexus

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