Owner Name:

Ned Lambton

Boat Name:

Lone Wolf

Nordhavn model:


Boat Year:


Total Nautical Miles:


Hull Number:




Engine Hours:


List Voyages:

Florida, and then around the Bahamas and back before I purchased her. She was then shipped from FLA to WA Under my ownership she travelled from Anacortes down to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Then 400 miles out to sea towards Tahiti, but had to return to PV with electrical trouble, so that's another 800. Then a successful voyage to the Marquesas, totalling 2700 miles. Then from the Marquesas to Papeete. And then cruising all around the society islands, that would have amounted to 350 more miles. Then from Papeete(Tahiti) I went to Aitutaki in the Cook islands, onto Palmerston atoll, then Niue, then Tonga, starting in the north of that country, heading South, and then on to Whangarei in New Zealand.