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Marc Halcomb

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Nordhavn model:


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Total Nautical Miles:


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List Voyages:

Shakedown cruse: Anacortes Wa, Port Angles Wa, to Dana Point Ca Equipment check cruse: Dana Point to Santa Barbra Island (140 nm round trip) First International cruse: Dana Point to Marina Coral, Ensenada Mexico (120 nm), Ensenada to Bahia San Quintin to Bahia Santa Maria and back to Ensenada (250 nm) Ensenada, to Turtle Bay, Santa Maria, San Francisco Island in the Sea of Cortez, up to Agua Verde, and back to San Francisco Island, and on to La Paz 1250 nm Up and down the sea of cortez, 3 separate outings, 450nm 2 Additional voyages up and down the sea of cortez, with family and friends. Moved Navigator from La Paz BCS to San Pedro California for a few months, then heading north to the PNW. Several trips to the local islands in Southern California, followed by starting the voyage north, currently in Santa Cruz. Completed the trip to Anacortes Wa, and started exploring the San Juan and Gulf Islands! 6 weeks exploring the BC Waters, 950 miles. See the blog for details. Continue to enjoy BC, with 2 winter cruises. First half of Navigators summer cruise from Sidney BC thru the inside passage and SE Alaska including Glacier Bay, see the blog for details. Completed summer cruise from Sitka to Sidney BC, see the blog for details. Another summer in BC and SE Alaska is coming to an end, see our blog for the details of last winter and this summer. After a short rest we will be off for warmer waters this fall! Port Angeles to San Pedro, Navigator is back in CA for awhile.