Owner Name:

Larry & Marcia Crass

Boat Name:

Hale Kai

Nordhavn model:


Boat Year:


Total Nautical Miles:


Hull Number:




Engine Hours:


List Voyages:

Purchased Boat 5/25/12 with 1028 engine hours. 5/26/12 - 10 Nm Long Beach harbor cruise. 5/27/12 - Long Beach, Ca to new home in Oxnard Ca. 6/10/12 - 11 Nm cruise around oil derrick. 7/7/12 to 7/9/12 - Oxnard to Santa Cruz Is and back. 1/19/13 - Oxnard to Anacapa Is and back. Started Journey to Canada. 6/6/13 - Oxnard to Monterey. 6/8/13 - Monterey to Halfmoon Bay 6/9/13 - Halfmoon Bay to Bodega Bay 6/10/13 - Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg 6/12/13 - Fort Bragg to Shelter Cove 6/13/13 - Shelter Cove to Eureka, Ca. 6/15/13 to 6/18/13 - Eureka CA to Roche Harbor, Washington 6/20/13 - Roche Harbor to Sucia Island 6/22/13 - Sucia Island to Anacortes WA 7/9/13 - Anacortes Wa, to Bedwell Harbor BC. 7/9/13 - Bedwell Harbor BC to Cowichan Bay BC. 7/11/13 - Cowichan Bay BC to Sturdies Bay BC. 7/12/13 - Sturdies Bay BC to Chemainus BC. 7/14/13 - Chemainus BC to Nanaimo BC. 7/16/13 - Nanaimo BC to Comox BC 7/17/13 - Comox BC to Campbell Rive BC 7/18/13 - Campbell River BC to Blind Channel Marina BC. 7/20/13 - Blind Channel BC to Lagoon Cove BC. 7/23/13 - Lagoon Cove BC to Kwatsi Bay BC. 7/25/13 - Kwatsi Bay BC to Sullivan Bay BC. 7/28/13 - Sullivan Bay to Napier Bay. 7/29/13 - Napier Bay to Jennis Bay. 7/31/13 - Jennis Bay to Dickson Island. 8/3/13 - Dickson Is to Jennis Bay. 8/6/13 - Jennis Bay to Turnbull Cove. 8/9/13 - Turnbull Cove to Echo Bay. 8/13/13 - Echo Bay to Port McNeill. 8/17/13 - Port McNeill to Alert Bay. 8/19/13 - Alert Bay to Waddington Bay. 8/22/13 - Waddington Bay to Port McNeill. 8/24/13 - Port McNeil to Jennis Bay. 8/28/13 - Jennis Bay to Shawl Bay. 8/29/13 - Shawl Bay to Lagoon Cove. 8/30/13 - Lagoon Cove to Port Harvey. 8/31/13 - Port Harvey to Waiatt Bay 9/3/13 - Waiatt Bay to Hariot Bay 9/4/13 - Hariot Bay to Egmont 9/6/13 - Egmont to Princess Louisa 9/9/13 - Princess Louisa to Pender Harbor 9/10/13 - Pender Harbor to Silva Bay 9/11/13 - Silva Bay to Chemainus 9/13/13 - Chemainus to Otter Bay 9/15/13 - Otter Bay to Anacortes Wa 6/9/14 to 7/2/14 - Anacortes Wa to Bedwell Harbor BC, to Sidney BC, to Cowichan BC, to Chemainus BC, to Otter Bay BC, to Silva Bay BC, to Nanaimo BC, to Lund BC, to Campbell River BC, to Lagoon Cove BC. 7/7/14 to 7/14/14 - Lagoon Cove to Port McNeill, to Jennis Bay, to Sullivan Bay. 7/16/14 - Sullivan Bay to Port McNeill. 7/21/14 to 7/25/14 - Port McNeill to Port Hardy, to Fury Island, to Calvert Island. 7/30/14 to 8/18/14 - Pruth Bay to Brydon Bay to Shearwater to Discovery Bay to Ocean Falls to Shearwater to Edna Island to Swordfish Bay to Shearwater to Blair Inlet to Rescue Bay to Cullpepper Lagoon to Klemtu to Hartley Bay. 8/19/14 to 8/25/14 - Hartly Bay to Prince Rupert to Kumealon Inlet to Lowe Inlet to Barnard Bay to Higgins Inlet to Shearwater. 8/27/14 to 9/8/14 - Shearwater to Nalau Inlet to Green Island to Pruth Bay to Fury Cove to Port Hardy to Port McNeill to Jennis Bay to Echo Bay to Greenway Sound to Lagoon Cove. 9/9/14 to 9/21/14 - Lagoon Cove to Port Harvey to Blind Channel to Campbell River to Waiatt Bay to Toba Wildernest to Pender Harbor to Vancouver to Chemainus to Roche Harbor to Anacortes Wa. 5/7/15 - Anacortes Wa to Chemainus BC. 5/8/15 to 5/11/15 - Chemainus to Nanaimo to Campbell River to Port Harvey to Port McNeill. 5/15/15 to 5/19/15 Port McNeill to Pruth Bay, to Shearwater, to Bottleneck Inlet, to Kumealon Inlet, to Dundas Island, to Ketchikan Alaska! 5/19/15 to 6/6/15 - Ketchikan to Exchange Cove, to Wrangell, to Petersburg, to Le Conte Glacier, Portage Cove, to Tracy Arm, to Taku Harbor, to Juneau Alaska. 6/9/15 to 6/19/15 - Juneau Alaska to Echo Cove, to Skagway, to Haines, to Hoonah, to Dundas Bay, to Hoonah. 6/22/15 to 7/30/15 - Hoonah to Glacier Bay, to Hoonah, to Sitka, Ell Cove, Edna Bay, Craig, Alvin Bay, Wrangell, Ketchikan, Foggy Bay, to Prince Rupert BC. 8/1/15 to 8/23/15 Prince Rupert BC to Lowe Inlet, to Hartley Bay, to Clothes Bay, to Shearwater, to Pruth Bay, to Dickson Is, to Port McNeill, to Waddington Bay, to Blind Channel, to Dent Island, to Octopus Islands, to Pender Harbor, to Nanaimo, to Friday Harbor, to Anacortes Washington.