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Wytie and Sally Cable

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July 18, 2012, we left Annapolis Md. (where we purchased the boat) and continued north to Nantucket Island. In September 2012, we began to move south with a destination of Marathon in the Florida Keys where we arrived January 2, 2013. February 1, 2013, we moved north to No. Palm Beach Fl. in preparation to go to the Bahamas. March 8, 2013, we left for the Abacos for several weeks. Then began our move north to join the Nordhavn Rendezcvous at Mystic Conn. From there we spent a wonderful summer touring Maine as far north as the Bar Harbor area. At the end of August, we began our trip south toward the Florida Keys and we are currently (late September) entering the Chesapeake Bay area. November 2014 finds M/V Happy moving south to the Florida Keys for another winter after enjoying a great summer in Maine. We will head back to the Bahamas in late March 2015 and on to Maine for the summer.