Owner Name:

Kathy and Bradley Rosenberg

Boat Name:

Shear Madness

Nordhavn model:


Boat Year:


Total Nautical Miles:


Hull Number:




Engine Hours:


List Voyages:

2010 - FL to Charleston to Chesapeake Bay. Local cruising in Bay. 2011 Chesapeake to Charleston to FL. FL to Colonial Beach, VA. Colinial Beach to Beaufort, NC 2012 - Beaufort, NC to Charleston to Savannah to FL. FL to Bahamas (local cruising) to FL. FL to Charleston, Beaufort, Wrighstsville Beach, Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay to FL to Bahamas 2013 - Bahamas to FL. FL to RI. RI to Nova Scotia, cruising Cape Breton, NS to RI, to Chesapeake Bay to Beaufort, NC 2014 - Beaufort, NC to Charleston, to Savannah, to Bahamas, to FL 2014 - FL to VA to RI to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to Labrador to Greenland to Baffin Island to Labrador to Newfoundland (5211) to Nova Scotia(510) to Chesapeake Bay (784)