Owner Name:

Kathy and Bradley Rosenberg

Boat Name:

Shear Madness

Nordhavn model:


Boat Year:


Total Nautical Miles:


Hull Number:




Engine Hours:


List Voyages:

2017 - NC To Maine, cruising in Maine, Maine to DC, DC to NC (4102) 2016 - DC to to NC, SC, GA, Bahamas (1069), Caribbean (1280) - update through May 2016 US East Coast (3164) 2015 - Beaufort, NC to Bahamas to Charleston to Chesapeake Bay (1948); to DC (403) 2014 - FL to VA to RI to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to Labrador to Greenland to Baffin Island to Labrador to Newfoundland (5211) to Nova Scotia(510) to Chesapeake Bay (784) to Beaufort, NC (379) 2014 - Beaufort, NC to Charleston, to Savannah, to Bahamas, to FL 2013 - Bahamas to FL. FL to RI. RI to Nova Scotia, cruising Cape Breton, NS to RI, to Chesapeake Bay to Beaufort, NC 2012 - Beaufort, NC to Charleston to Savannah to FL. FL to Bahamas (local cruising) to FL. FL to Charleston, Beaufort, Wrighstsville Beach, Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay to FL to Bahamas 2011 Chesapeake to Charleston to FL. FL to Colonial Beach, VA. Colinial Beach to Beaufort, NC 2010 - FL to Charleston to Chesapeake Bay. Local cruising in Bay.