Owner Name:

Tomas and Rocio Fernandez

Boat Name:

Alamir (ex Autumn Wind)

Nordhavn model:


Boat Year:


Total Nautical Miles:


Hull Number:




Engine Hours:


List Voyages:

May 2012: Purchased boat in Anacortes. Sea trials, new electronics, service everything on board, cruise the San Juan Islands - trip to San Diego and Ensenada Total 1,370 NM.

June to November 2012. Cruise to Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Puerto Escondido and back to Ensenada. Add 2,781 NM for a total of 4,181.

Fall 2012 to Spring 2013. Ensenada surroundings. Add 304 NM.

July to November 2013. Cruise to La Paz, Sea of Cortez and back to Ensenada. Add 2,607 NM for a new total of 7,062.

Fall of 2013 to Spring 2014, prep boat to cruise to Alaska in 2014. As of April '14 add 205NM for a total of 7,267 NM in two years and before leaving for Alaska.

We left Ensenada for Alaska on June 16, 2014 with 7613 NM on the log. Then 1387 more to Anacortes, 630 to Ketchikat, 1411 cruising between Sitka, Petersburg and Juneau, 702 from Juneau to Anacortes and 1325 to Ensenada.

After the return from Alaska, cruising in the San Diego Ensenada area in the Fall - Winter - Spring of 2014- 15, 811NM for a total of 13,879NM. July - August of 2015 Ensenada, La Paz - Ensenada 2062 NM, for a total of 15941 NM. Fall of 2015, cruising in the Ensenada area, 220 NM for a total of 16161. 2016: During the Winter and Spring, we cruised in the San Diego - Ensenada area for 366NM. In June we left for Los Cabos and La Paz, (845NM) and the upper Sea of Cortez. We cruised in the San Luis Gonzaga - Bahía de los Angeles - Angel de la Guarda region and back to La Paz during July and August for another 1,869NM.
Then in September back to Ensenada another 930NM. In the Fall we cruised in the Ensenada area for another 144NM. Total for the year: 512 additional engine hours and 4,154 NM
Total for the boat 12/31/2016: 20315 NM and 7212 Main engine hours.