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Aeron, Canterbury, GBR asks:
Hi Scott & Mary, I have been following your progress with great interest (maby a bit jealous). One of the biggest concerns i would have is fuel. Do you store fuel on-board ? or do you have larger tanks fitted? What would be your backup plan? Be safe, Aeron

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Aeron, Egret carries 1000 gallons of diesel (3800 liters) in two, 500 gallon fiberglass tanks as standard from Nordhavn. Additionally we have roughly 250 gallons of additional capacity in three aircraft quality fuel bladders we can carry on deck (the largest on the foredeck, smallest behind the Portuguese bridge and next in the cockpit. We would empty the cockpit bladder first, foredeck then the small one). We bought the fuel bladders for a now aborted trip (4000nm w/o fuel at the various islands). In all of our planned trips in the future the integral tanks would be sufficient with a safe reserve (including 3000nm from the Galapagos to the Marquesas).

With modern, gravity feed main tanks, pre-filtered day tanks and high quality fuel lines and fittings, quality diesel to feed the main isn't an issue these days except thru serious neglect. (Triple filtered - main tank filtered to day tank using the transfer pump, from day tank filtered thru the Racor primary filter to the engine secondary filter then on to the engine) As proof of authenticity of this statement, Egret has not changed her little Lugger's original injectors after 5417.2 hours. All of the exhaust temperatures are close to each other, the test we use.

Fuel mileage is in your right hand (throttle hand). There isn't any magic to fuel mileage. Egret burns roughly one liter per nautical mile at reduced rpm's running at 6 knots. (there are MANY variables but we have found this to be roughly accurate) Lower rpm, higher mileage, higher rpm, lower mileage but less time under way. There are times to speed up and times to slow down.

Bottom line: fuel, fuel safety or fuel range isn't an issue for the Egret crew and wouldn't be for you if you have the tank system mentioned above. Ciao

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