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Anthony Byrne, Sydney, AUS

When it comes to purchasing fuel at so many different places/countries on your travels, how do you pay for it, the best and easiest way?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Anthony, things have changed quite a bit in the last years vs the difficulties of before. Only in Malta, a fisherman's subsidized fuel dock in Argentina, Nukaloafa (Tonga) and suprisingly in New Zealand did we have to pay cash. New Zealand's payment was to get the best price.

Bottom line: purchasing fuel was not an issue anywhere Egret visited. Where we needed cash we either used U.S. dollars or the local currency exchanged for dollars at a bank. The far majority of fuel docks accept Master Charge.
I believe in more third world countries this could be more difficult, however with most long distance powerboat's extreme range we can pick and choose where we purchase fuel. The coconut telegraph (other cruisers) is your best local source of information.

The biggest problems long distance cruisers face is throwing off the docklines. The balance is is not difficult if you start in baby steps. In time you will find what the Egret crew does is not difficult.
Good luck.