Voyage of Egret Forums

Art Baxter, Carmel, IN
Subject: Tracking

Mary and Scott,

I so enjoyed your article in Yachting. You certainly know how to
encourage timid cruisers.

Last year I "watched" the Chicago-Mackinaw race via the internet and
the digital tracking system for the race. Each boat had a transponder
that fed a signal of their boat to an overlay of the total race
course. I suspect your fans would love to track your progress on the
future voyage of Egret. Possible?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Art, unfortunately we don't have a transponder for day to day movement. The next year and a half we will be moving rather quickly so it would be worthwhile. Usually, it would be boring because once we get somewhere we tend to sit and enjoy the destination. Like in Nelson and other stops before. Web guru Doug Harlow does a great job with Google Earth following Egret's anchorages. (See TRACKING PROGRESS on the left hand navigation bar.) If you click on the blue lat - lon of Egret's VofE Position it will show you a satellite map EXACTLY where Egret is anchored. If you zoom up you can get an overall view or zoom in you can see a bird's eye view of what we see. This isn't exactly real time but while at sea we tend to write more (more time) and every few days you can see the track.

So how effective was the article in Yachting? What are YOU doing about it? Is it Your Time?