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Art Baxter, Carmel, IN
Subject: Movies?

I was intrigued by the comment that Mary was taking movies. Are these video clips and can we see some action? Or do we have to wait for our next "talk"?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Art, its a long story. Mary has taken video on and off ever since the NAR. She has a bag of tapes and that is where it is. While in Hobart we were inspired by a Voyage of Egret follower to take up video again. I told Mary if SHE was interested in taking movies we would buy a modern, image-stabilized movie camera and would start. The problem lies in the editing. To do it right it would require a Mac setup and software. I would be willing to buy whatever it takes and customize a cabinet in the forward stateroom for the editing if she were interested. The biggest problem is both Mary and I didn't use computers during our working years. We have gotten better but it would be a struggle for her to learn an editing program with all the ins and outs and I'm buried with VofE and picture stills.

So don't get excited. It would be great and add another dimension to Egret's efforts of encouragement for folks to join The Life. However...