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Basil, Nova Scotia, CAN

Subject: Hi Scott & Mary

I've been a follower since you went across with the Rally way back. Glad to see you're in Cape Breton. You will pass by me here as you cruise down the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.
Were you in Deep Cove off Mahone Bay 9 or 10 years ago? I remember seeing my first Nordhavn 46 with a georgeous creature cleaning the exterior of the boat while a silver haired individual rowed around doing guy stuff (nothing).

Best Regards

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Basil, I don't think it was the Egret crew. We were in Mahon Bay in 2003, the highlight being the Mahon Bay Wooden Boat Festival. We ate our first mussels ever in an anchorage near Chester given to us by a cruiser. We have eaten many since. The reason I don't think it was us because even though Mary is a georgeous creature and I now dye my hair grey, I don't row. Why would anyone row if they have a perfectly good outboard? However, I do guy stuff as you mentioned including nap chores which are coming up shortly. So perhaps it was the Egret crew except for rowing.

Currently Egret is in Maskells Harbour, Brad D'Or Lake heading south slowly. The georgeous creature is working on her stainless and I am doing guy stuff. Ciao.