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Bill & Rosemary Henderson, Takaka, NZL asks:
Hello to the Egret crew. Well, we have just taken your advice and sold our house and are off to Florida to look at a used N43 next week.
All being well we will start cruising in July and hope to follow some of your early cruising routes to the Bahamas and up the east coast before venturing further afield. We will have left New Zealand when you arrive but if you have the time you must visit the Nelson area at the top of the South Island. We are looking in to personal health insurance and wondered who you used and how it works for you. Have a great trip and thanks for inspiring us.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Bill and Rosemary, congratulations on your new found freedom. Cruising will truly enrich your lives. The N43 is a wonderful home. It is large enough for full time cruising, economical, carries 200 gallons more fuel than Egret and has a stand up engine room to boot. Cruising the U.S. East Coast and Bahamas alone could comfortably take years following the sun north and south.

Nelson is in fact one of our itineraries along with Stewart Island, etc. I don't think a single season will be enough to see New Zealand properly. We have met a number of Kiwis cruising and without exception are a great group, one of our reasons for visiting NZ. You will also find Americans friendly as well. Your new boat will open many doors.

Our health insurance is with Global Insurance Net, (President) 305 274-0284 Global Insurance has had our health insurance for years. One stipulation they have is you may not be a Florida resident and must live outside the U.S. for 6 months a year. I will say, this past year the premiums had a substantial increase.

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