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Bill Henderson, Queensland, AUS asks:
Subject: Alternator for Wing Engine
We have a Nordhavn 43 and are considering adding an
alternator to the wing engine for battery charging in preparation for
our return to Australia. We read while you were in New Zealand that
you fitted a Nissan 110 amp alternator to your engine. How have you
found this works and would you do anything different if you were doing
it again? Did you retain the Yanmar alternator and add a clutch to
disengage the 110 amp alternator when you use the wing engine for
propulsion? In principle it sounds like a very good idea to have
redundancy and to exercise the wing engine more.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Scott Flanders on board Egret responds: Bill, the change works perfectly. We retained the original bracket but did change the ground and hot wire to a heavier size. You will also need a larger diameter belt. (The belt diameter is still 1/2") We retained the original 55 amp alternator as a spare. The installation works great delivering a consistent 14.2 volts and amps as required. The internal regulator works well. We run the wing at 1100 RPM while charging the batteries. I believe at that low RPM the alternator sufficiently loads the engine. If you are running in gear against dock lines (at a dock) or under way rev the wing higher and you will charge at a higher rate.

One thing we did learn was to NOT start the wing cold with the alternator paralled to the main house bank. After warming the engine shut it down, parallel the wing alternator with the house bank and restart the engine. This way there is no belt slip if you parallel the alternator while the engine is running. It is easier to start the cold engine without the additional alternator drag of a paralleled system.

I believe I included the new belt size in the original installation VofE posting during January, 08.

We got the large alternator inspiration from Wolfgang and Heidi Hass on N46 Kanaloa. Ciao.