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Bob Conconi, Vancouver, BC CAN asks:
Are you enjoying any sat TV or sat Radio? What navigational software are you using and are the charts what you expected. I enjoy following your journey. Regards, Bob

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Bob, Quite honestly we find/found TV depressing and is something we totally enjoy being away from. Our life is very simple and we intend to keep it that way. For music we use a boom box and CD's.

We use C-map charts and Max Sea navigaton software. In the States, Nova Scotia and south through the Bahamas we used Nobeltec and it worked well for us. We are untechie folks and appreciate the simplicity of Max Sea and C-map. In the States we probably would go back to Nobeltec. We find most long distance foreign cruisers are using C-map charts.

Thank you for following VofE. It is our pleasure. Stay tuned. The next ten or so days could be interesting and informative. Lets hope the wind lays down a bit. Yesterday we had up to 50 knots and today up to 40 or so with hail, snow and rain. The dinghy ride to shore was a trip.

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