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Breck Waterman, Adelaide, AUS asks:
Subject: Visiting
Hello Mary and Scott,
I read your blog with great interest as my wife and I are planning our escape to sea. I believe you intend to cross the bottom of Australia on your next leg and was wondering if you intend to stop off in Adelaide along the way? If you do intend to stop please contact me and I would be happy to arrange a berth for your visit. My wife would dearly love to meet Mary and discuss the lifestyle you are enjoying. Regards Breck

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Breck, yes, we plan to leave Tas mid March or early April but will be fast tracking to Port Lincoln. We will probably stop on the west side of the peninsula and perhaps visit Kangaroo Island but our main focus will be getting across the Bight before the westerlies start pumping thru regularly. With this schedule we won't be able to visit Adelaide but if you keep following VofE you will know when we will be in Port Lincoln and could perhaps meet there.

Your Great Escape is a credible plan. You'll see. Thank you for the offer to help in Adelaide. Good luck to you.