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Bruce Carlile, Poway, CA USA asks:
I've been an avid reader and follower of your voyage to South
America. Your pictures are amazing.

What camera do you use? And what type of lens? The pictures of birds in flight and the scenery of Egret in the snow are superb.

Thank you for including us in your adventure!

My best,
Bruce Carlile

P.S. I will someday be a Nordhavn owner!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Bruce, We currently have two cameras: an '05 vintage Nikon D50 with an off the shelf Nikon 18-55mm lense Mary uses and a '06 vintage D80 Nikon with two lenses I use. Those lenses are a Nikon 18-200mmVR (Vibration Reduced - perfect for boaters) and a 70-400mmVR lense (perfect for critters).

In a side by side testing with the same lense (18-200VR) the D80 out performs the D50 by quite a margin. Its not just the pixels. I believe the electronics inside are more advanced.

With this in mind when we visit the States in October I'm going to look seriously at the Nikon D200, with its price significantly reduced, and the new Nikon D2X (12.2) and pass the D80 along to Mary. The D200 is the same vintage as the D80 and has the same pixels as the D80 (10.2) but has much more advanced electronics. The D200 was the most advanced Nikon digital professional model of 06 and the D2X of 07.

What you see on the VofE Pictures secton of the website are greatly reduced pictures. The two pictures we sent with each VofE are HUGELY reduced for transmission via a satellite phone. In full resolution the pictures are much better. The attached picture was taken today (8-20-07) from the rubber dinghy in 15 knots of wind with the 70-400mmVR lense (D80) The VR is much appreciated in instances like these. (Oystercatcher)


Focal length: 400mm
Shutter speed: 1/400
Aperture: f5.6
Exposure: shutter priority (I had preset the shutter speed at 1/400 and let the camera set the aperture)
Original pixels: 3872 X 2592 (10.0mp)
Cropped too: 2257 X 1614 (3.64mp)
reduced for satellite phone transmission to 425 pixels


Cameras are a fun hobby. Your new Nord will change your life. Ciao.

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