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Buddy Bethea, Va. Beach, VA USA asks:
Kathy & I met you two in Lauderdale at the Nordhavn party, and have followed your adventures closely with admiration and great interest since! We take delivery of our NH 55#21 "ALWAYS FRIDAY" in the Spring in Dana Point, CA, and plan to spend the rest of the year 2007 taking her to Alaska, then home to Virginia via the Panama Canal. I plan to keep friends and family apprised of our position in some way, and find your solution via Google Earth to be an excellent one. I have looked on their site, but do not see an explanation of how to do what you are doing so well. How do you get the position report into your site? Is Google earth talking to your GPS, or are you entering the data by hand? Like envious cruisers from all over the world, we will continue to follow your chronicle on a daily basis! Good Luck !!

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Buddy and Kathy, congratulations on "Always Friday". For thirteen years we lived for Friday afternoons and the sprint to the Fla Keys. We have heard from a crewman that helped deliver a 55 from Dana Point to Cabo and LOVED it. Let us tell you our Google Earth secret. We send in Egret's daily position reports with the lat/long ending at Harlow Media Arts. Doug Harlow works the magic. We are clueless.

After your west/east coast trip and some east coast cruising think about the Med. Simple connect the dots to get there. Once there it is fabulous. Always Friday would eat up the miles comfortably. You'll see.

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