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Carlos Sucre, Caracas, VEN asks:
Trip of a lifetime. Congratulations. How useful has been the wing engine ( as plan B propulsion)? Thank you for letting us also enjoy trip.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Carlos, Good question. Before leaving the States we had the wing running ready for immediate service in two difficult situations but in neither case had to use it. In Italy we froze the main shaft after backing over our inflatable dinghy, dinghy painter (tow line) wrapping everything around the shaft. We traveled about 25 miles under wing engine to a boat yard for repairs. These are our only experiences having to use the wing. On the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally friends on N62 Autumn Wind fouled their prop with a fishing net. They ran their wing until daylight when they were able to dive and cut the net away.

The larger boats use their wing engines regularly to power a power take off for the hydraulic windlass, bow and stern thrusters.

Bottom line: would I buy a wing engine again? Yes. It makes Mary happy and is another back-up for an emergency. Ciao.

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