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Chris, Sacramento, CA USA asks:
Over the past two weeks I've read through your Captian's Log (and forum) and it has served to fuel my desire to buy my own boat and cruise in far off locations like Argentina. While being enamored with the Krogen 44 and having that as my goal the past couple years, I've come to agree with your assessment of Nordhavn. With your industry insider knowledge and brightwork aside, how would you compare the Krogen and Nordhavn as it relates to your brand of "the life"? Thank you for your insights and for the many hours you put into making the VofE available to us dreamers.


Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Christian, this is a difficult question for us to answer without controversy and so we won't. It IS VofE's goal to encourage long distance cruising as a way to enrich your lives. In reality most readers either don't have the financial ability to purchase a proper ocean crossing boat or the desire to cross oceans. Most readers will end up coastal cruising which in itself is a credible goal that will also enrich their lives. It IS NOT our goal to be a self-professed expert on boat brand choice. Any brand will serve credibly for coastal cruising. If it is your desire to cross oceans you need to take a serious look at what brand has done what, gone where and is currently going wherever. Let common sense be your guide. Do not let some slickester salesman with book knowledge (and commission on the line) push you into a decision your common sense tells you is not the right decision. Also, do not let a relative few dollars guide your decision for an ocean crossing boat. Resale will bring those up front dollars home readily.

For the technical aspect we could go on for hours however a few general guidelines would be: Overall design, fit and finish, quality of the hardware, fiberglass laminate schedule (thickness), wiring - tinned/non tinned wire, wire number coding or not, fuel system - gravity feed or siphon feed, fuel hoses and fittings, fuel tanks - fiberglass or metal (in my opinion fiberglass is far superior), integral tanks or self standing (for water condensation - Egret has had less than a thimble full of water in over 6 years) access ports for tank cleaning (are they large enough - top of the tank or side of the tank) are the tanks insulated from engine room heat or not, fuel filters - single or dual, proper fuel manifolds and valving, shaft diameter vs overall boat length, proper engine room insulation, engine room layout, accessibility to systems (throughout the ENTIRE boat), systems themselves, rudder and rudder support, steering beefiness and steering support, interior layout, handholds sufficient to move ALL around the boat in a seaway, galley, pilothouse visibility, pilothouse glass thickness, tempered glass or not, doors - dutch with dogs and properly gasketed and on and on. All of these issues are VERY important when you are 500-1000 miles from safe harbor and the wind starts puffing. What's NOT important are little frou frou do-dads that have nothing to do with safety.

Another BIG issue is customer support. Where and by whom (not just lip service - who has DONE what). Everything has its time so resale is an issue.

Bottom line: Egret was our choice however we are just one couple who bought a boat to cross oceans. Would we buy another from the same manufacturer, yes. Do you drive a white Dodge minivan? We did. You must buy what makes sense to you. The one person you cannot fool is yourself. If you buy a green Ford Aerostar, its OK.

Thank you for the kind words. VofE is our gift to you. Ciao.

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