Voyage of Egret Forums

Chris Christ of Charleston, SC USA asks:
The harbour, as viewed on GoogleEarth, seems to have some rather large vessels in there, like 100-250 footers. Lotta sunken ones too. So, I guess there's a channel somewhere! Looking South of there, that's some lonely/hostile-looking territory! I'm sure you will do well on this interesting voyage. Best wishes! Chris

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Chris, we hope to be staying in the yacht harbor shared by two yacht clubs. The yacht harbor is protected by a swing or draw bridge at the entrance. Friday will tell that tale.

One of the big issues traveling south is what you mentioned...lonely territory. There are only very few places to pull in. The rivers have silted deltas requiring local knowledge. Toss in tides to 30' and high winds, all travelers are faced with tough decisions. As of now we only plan a couple of stops however some 'Chile Class of 06' boats are staging now in Mar Del Plata. All cruisers share information. This is not a competitiion. Between all of the boats we will learn a lot more in the next two weeks.

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