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Chris Jenkins, Auckland, NZL asks:
Hi Scott and Mary

We met recently at the 'Welcome' event in Auckland hosted by Nordhavn. We were the two guys with the Grand Banks.

You will be pleased to know that we still follow your travels with keen interest and after meeting with you both we are even more inspired to adventure further around our own country and beyond in the very near future.

Researching Nordhavn specifically and watching the brokerage market are a regular pastime for us as we plan our escape from the 'dirt dweller' environment of traffic and never ending corporate (work) drama. Gee that sounds somewhat negative, you know what I mean - No schedule! - is the only Plan.

To my question: can you tell me what you are using for your GPS/NAV software on your laptop(s) please. Are they IBM or Mac?

We are using IBM laptops right now with Memory Map software which is fairly good for our North Island cruising. For our future plans we are going to need something more sophisticated with AIS capability etc?

We hope you are both well and look forward to catching up with you again, somewhere.

Chris & Gordon

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Chris & Gordon. We use a combination of Dell and Tosiba laptops with Windows XP. All are running Max Sea navigation software with C-Map charting. We also run one laptop with a split screen using Max Sea and a combination of C-Map on one screen and Map Media on the other. In a few rare instances we found Map Media better in the South Pacific. If we had to choose one I would choose C-Map.

As far as AIS, from Gibraltar to New Zealand I don't think we saw more than 6 ships total because of our non-trade route. None were the slightest issue. However, before leaving New Zealand and heading west we will probably install AIS. As we head west then north we'll see a lot of shipping so AIS will become another aid to navigation safety.

Your own country is beautiful with great cruising. Currently we are opposite New Plymouth on our way to Nelson. We enjoyed a great trip with weather and current gods with us. 123.1nm to go.

You share a credible plan. Keep saving and someday it will be Your Time.