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Colin, Newcastle, GBR asks:

Hi Scott,

I have been meaning to ask for some time, but your latest fabulous VofE has focused my mind. What bridle/snubber arrangements to you make with normal conditions? Photos of Egret do not seem to show the commonly used double bridle coming from the hawse pipes on each side of the bow. I used that method successfully on my last boat, but with my new N40 and the 40kg Rocna anchor, it doesn't sit so well. Any advice/tips gratefully received! Take care out there.

Best wishes to you both,


Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Colin, we use a 5/8" X 30' (17.5mm X 9.5m) 3 strand nylon snubber with a forged stainless steel chain hook on one end. For chafe gear, about 1/3 of the way from the end we have a 2 meter length of fire hose tied in place. We use a single long snubber with the fire hose positioned over the bow roller. This gives a lot of stretch as a shock cord between the boat and chain.
This has been tested in more wind than we hope you will ever see. At times we use a second short snubber as a precaution in case the first breaks. We also use the short snubber while at sea so any waves can't wash the full length snubber line overboard. We ALWAYS keep the chain snubbed while under way. Additionally, we have 3 spare full length snubbers in reserve for emergencies.

We initially tried dual snubbers (one on each side) but gave that up early on. Good luck to you and your new Nordhavn.