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Colin Rae, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear GBR asks:
Congratulations on your incredible achievement. I am reading Sir Francis Chichester's book, Gipsy Moth Circles the World. It is 1967 and he has just rounded The Horn. It sounds pretty desperate compared with your very thorough approach. Have you ever considered putting both the Naiads and the paravanes to work at the same time? Also, does the movement of the fin which is mounted roughly beneath your head when in in your stateroom disturb you at all? Best regards, Colin

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Colin, Sir Francis was many times the boater the Egret crew is. What we do is so much easier and more comfortable than his generation of great sailors. A very well designed, built and comfortable boat with modern electronics, systems and power make the difference. Modern weather forecasting is also a big safety factor.

We did a few miles testing in relatively calm water using both the paravanes and the Naiads. We had no conclusive results. We should have spent more time testing but we were on a schedule to make Gibraltar and didn't take the time to test properly. The Naiads' gyro system did make noise before switching to the electronic system in Argentina. With the new electronic Multi Sea system there is no noise except an occasional very quite swish-swish in rougher water. The water noises in those conditions make much more noise. If you are considering electronic control stabilizers they are definitely worth the difference.

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