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Dan Green of Oregon City, OR USA asks:
I am thinking of buying a boat in the Med and cruising a month per year for a couple of years before I retire and go further for longer. What kind of costs did you encounter when you were leaving your boat for any length of time? Do you think having a boat and using it only a month a year can be a reasonable thing to do?

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Mary and I are full time live aboards. Except for inland travel and a three week trip to the States each February, we are aboard full-time. If you buy a boat to use for a month a year you will probably use that month doing boat chores. I would strongly recommend you charter for your monthly visit. Don't worry about knowing how to sail. There is so little wind they all motor anyway. The boat will be prepped and you can enjoy different geographic locations with a reasonable amount of sea miles. Within a short radius of major charter locations, there is a lot to see. Navigation is very easy in the Med, the weather is calm if you pick the right locations at the right time of the year. Charter rates are reasonable, probably less than the cost of yearly boat insurance with no maintenance, storage, hauling, etc. costs. The ancillary charter costs are what you make it. If you eat out three meals a day and stay in marinas, the costs are fairly high. If you mix eating aboard and ashore and anchor out, costs are low. In each geographic location during different years I would recommend renting a car for a couple of days for inland travel to maximize your experience.

We've written a three-season, two-winter Med cruising itinerary for this website. We also did an updated version for Milt and Judy Baker's Med Bound 2007 Atlantic crossing group. Here is the website open to all. This star rating itinerary will give you a secondary insight into Med cruising and weather timing. You will love the Med. Let your own boat wait. Your day will come.

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