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Dave, Houston, TX

Subject: Health Insurance

My wife and I are just in the planning stages of living the dream and are currently looking for the right boat to purchase. Since your most recent post mentioned your annual physicals and taking care of yourselves healthwise, we are curious as to how you have handled health insurance while you have been out of the US for an extended period of time. Did you continue to carry US-based health insurance? Did you have some sort of international emergency care insurance? How did you handle annual physicals, etc? Any information you could share would be appreciated.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:

Dave, for health insurance we use International Medical Insurance represented by International Medical Group in Miami, Florida. Carlos Perez is president. 800 975-6363. We have a $10k deductable for disasters only and receive a $250 yearly wellness check credit to pay a U.S. based doctor. We used this credit to pay our annual physicals. This insurance requires you to be out of the U.S. for 6 months of the year. It does cover U.S. treatment in the case of the worst. We found IMG to be a lot cheaper than staying with Cobra after retirement as long as you stay outside the U.S. which has been no problem for us.

Any simple medical care we required out of the U.S. we paid out of pocket. Medical care in the rest of the world is nominal. We also found perscription drugs were much less out of the U.S. and available over the counter.

For medical evacuation you can use your credit card company or Diver Dan is another alternative. We have subscribed to Diver Dan for years.

Good luck to you.