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David of Fayetteville, NC USA asks:
Hello, how are you? I hope all is well and the fun factor is ever
growing. I'm curious as how you budget for the trip. Do you calculate costs per mile, per leg? Beside fuel costs, what are your next two biggest costs? Which leg do you think will occur the biggest expenses. Finally, can you please list the estimated miles for each leg. Thanks. Fair winds and happy fishing.

Scott Flanders of Egret responds:
David, the simple and straight forward answer is we simply don't know our costs or made any attempt to figure them. When cruising you'll find many different budgets over a wide variety of boats but people tend to spend what they have. We can all control our budgets simply. Egret is our only home with no other bills. We have a fixed insurance cost, health insurance cost but the rest is up to us. Whatever this trip costs, it costs. It will not be outrageoulsy expensive because we simply will be on the move to much to spend a lot. Fuel cost will be up but there will be no wintering marina fees like the past two years Egret spent in the Med and so it goes back and forth.

If you are already a boater and have any kind of navigation software use the low resolution world charts and click a rough route tracing Egret's course. I have only done that once and is where I came up with the rough trip total milage. Once cruising full time you'll find it "is what it is" and doesn't really matter. We enjoy ourselves as we go and let the details take care of themselves.

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