Voyage of Egret Forums

David Andrews, Sutherlin, OR asks:
Do you have some containers such as gallon jugs ...can you fill some with water and place them in the freezer? This will possibly give it some relief. The high start up load may be the first sign of a compressor failure. I enjoy learning from your trip and thanks for sharing it.

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
Dave, you are right and is something we routinely do. We have flat jugs and also use zip lock bags full of water to stuff here and there. In this case we didn't do anything. If the parts don't improve things we'll have to probably replace the compressor, something we would rather not do in Tahiti. New Zealand would be much easier. The compressor has been operating for nearly 7 years non stop between commissioning, liveaboard before retiring and 6+ years full time cruising so perhaps its time.

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