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David Browne, London, UK GBR asks:
Hi Scott and Mary What a great trip you are having and congratulations on rounding the Horn. I have been keeping up with your progress the whole way from Gibraltar. You are certainly showing what can be done in a well built boat. Tomorrow I am off to the Dusseldorf Boat Show to see Neil and the team and their quite beautiful looking 43. One question for you...what is the weather service company's name that you use and what is the email address? Bon

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
David, We hope you sign up for a new Nordhavn 43. The 43s are Egret's
favorite in a small passagemaker. We would kill for their fuel capacity, day tank and engine room height (all more than Egret's). Long distance cruising will change your life. You'll see.

We use OMNI Bob (Bob Jones, OMNI Marine Navigation - OMNI Bob was with Egret from Gibraltar through Cape Horn and did a great job.

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