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David Craig, Alpharetta, TN USA asks:
Scott, I am a future Nordhavn owner but have about 10 more years of practicing medicine and 3 teenagers to educate before my wife and I can leave for our adventure. But thanks to you I feel like we are getting an earlier start. Sorry to cause the extra work but now you will have to start posting the page numbers in your captain's log. I just ordered my copy of the Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Nautical Guide by Mariolina Rolfo and Giorgio Ardrizzi today from Bluewater Books and Charts. Looking forward to following your route page by page. Thanks so much for sharing your voyage with us. Healthy Travels, David

Scott Flanders from Egret responds:
David, Thank you so much for buying the book. In the very small world department, yesterday (1-17), we met Mariolina and Giorgio on their 12 meter Amel, Saudade III here in Ushuaia. In person they are such nice and outgoing people. Hearing their stories about how some suppliers don't pay them (Bluewater Books DO pay them), the cost of shipping, the tremendous effort with NO return is heartbreaking. This is how much they love this place, its people and their commitment toward helping other cruisers. They just spent eight months steady to upgrade their guide to the second edition that has just, just come out. We were given a list of anchorages if we happen there to upgrade the GPS numbers. They are even thinking of a third edition to make it even better. Amazing. We bought the second edition just to help them.

They are leaving in a few days to go back to Italy working on a sailing mega yacht for ten months to replentish their cruising kitty before they dive back in. We will quote page numbers from both the gold print cover (1st edition) and the silver print cover (2d edition) as we move along. Thanks again.

We can't think of a more rewarding ten year plan. In the future you can give your children the gift of your love of the water, and their children, etc. Water is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

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